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STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

SCARS book cover

Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself--before it's too late.

Awards: #1 in the Top 10 ALA Quick Picks, ALA's Rainbow List, a Governor General Literary Award Finalist, Staff Pick for Teaching Tolerance.

Yes, it's my own arm on the cover of SCARS.

HUNTED book cover

Caitlyn, a telepath in a world where having any paranormal power at all can kill her, must decide between saving herself or saving the world.

Awards: A finalist for the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award.


Kate sees visions of the future--but only when she has an asthma attack. When she "sees" her sister being beaten, and a schoolmate killing herself, Kate must trigger more attacks--but that could kill her.

Awards: 2013 Gold Winner, Wise Bear Digital Awards, YA Paranormal category.

STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

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Reviews of Love Yourself Affirmation Cards

Love Yourself, "joy-filled affirmations to inspire, encourage and comfort, a deck of 54 affirmation cards by Cheryl Rainfeld(2005) available for $9.99.

I have to share a secret. I am a counselor and a big part of my job is cheerleading, pointing out the positives to people who are often stuck in seeing the negatives. I’ve used positive sayings and chants, unconsciously and consciously to help myself survive situations a number of times. So, the secret confession is this-a small part of me thinks that affirmations are cheesy and it pictures lovable Stuart Smalley from the old Saturday Night Live scene mouthing his affirmations somewhat pathetically to the mirror.

Despite my conflicted feelings about affirmations, I really did enjoy Cheryl Rainfield’s affirmation card deck. While most cards I have seen in the past tend to have only words or ethereal pictures (relaxing, but somewhat abstract or hard to identify with), these cards are hand-drawn and display pictures of real-looking women-old, thin, fat, multi-ethnic and female. These cards are two sided, with one side’s affirmation in the first person, the other in the third person; i.e., "I am__," "You are_." I instantly thought of how some people would have a hard time immediately using the first person and so could "graduate" into it, if they liked. Reading the deck or just picking cards randomly made me feel, well, affirmed. I conducted a small non-scientific survey among acquaintances, and they unanimously agreed that these cards felt "different," than the usual ones, and they almost all had small, self-satisfied smiles on their faces after viewing them. So go ahead, affirm yourself! The author also has a website ( that includes online affirmation cards, e-cards and links for teen and adult writers.

    — Alaina Zipp for NewConnexion

Love Yourself Affirmation Cards by Cheryl Rainfield

Love Yourself is a deck of 54 affirmation cards for women of all sizes, ages, colors, and stages of life. Cheryl Rainfield wrote and illustrated these cards to give women fun and joy-filled images and affirmations to help them learn to love themselves and treat themselves with kindness. One side has the statement written in the "I" form ("I listen to myself and the people I love with compassion."). The other side has the same message written in the "you" form, as sometimes it's easier to say "I..." and sometimes it's easier to hear "You..."

One way I like to use affirmation cards is to draw one at random for the day and keep it with me, re-reading it 3-5 times throughout the day and having faith that I chose that particular card on that particular day for a reason. The random card for me today is "I draw on my strength when I need to." Cheryl's cards radiate warmth and kindness, encouraging us to love and care for ourselves. I think that's something each of us can benefit from, no matter where we are in the course of our lives.

    — Jennifer Thompson owner, DivaTribe

Check Out What I've Been Reading These Days: Cheryl Rainfield's Love Yourself Affirmation Cards

How do I love Cheryl Rainfield’s Love Yourself Cards? Let me count the ways:

  • One: They give me permission to love myself as I am, not before I’ve completed my body makeover program.

  • Two: They give me courage through positive, affirming statements. If I repeat “I am loveable” or "I accept everything about myself," enough times, I believe it.

  • Three: When I forget my affirmation, I simply pull the card from my pocket to remind myself: Hello! I am loveable! My positive self-talk has now become portable.

  • Four: Love Yourself Cards are an endless source and supply of love, encouragement and support for all women: regardless of size, shape, race or age. I love this!

  • Five: When I'm downhearted or in need of uplifting, I can shuffle the deck, pick a card and read and affirm what lesson is there just for me.

Cheryl’s cards are a brilliant invention; a support system for the feminine soul. With each card is a unique image of femininity, reminding girls and women alike that beauty and love is present in all shapes and sizes.

For the small cost of these tiny wonders, women can gain endless insight into the power of their own being. They are the gift that will keep on giving!

    — Laura Turner, Editor The New Body News and Wellness Letter

Love Yourself: Joy-filled Affirmations to Inspire, Encourage & Comfort

rated 4 of 5 possible stars

Love Yourself is a delightful packet of 54 illustrated cards, each with an empowering and inspiring message directed towards girls and women who seek to love themselves more deeply and respect their own unique bodies and physical appearances, despite what society and the media tell them.

The cards feature illustrated images of girls and women celebrating themselves and their lives, their bodies, their abilities, and their hopes and dreams. Each card features a corresponding image on the front and back, and affirmations written in both the first and second person. Rainfield uses both “I” and “you” affirmations because she believes “sometimes it’s more powerful to be told something positive, and sometimes it’s more powerful to tell ourselves.”

There are images of girl-as-superwoman stating “I allow myself to succeed,” and open-armed women rejoicing in their creativity, compassion and acceptance of their own gifts and talents. A chubby woman flies on a carpet, affirming “I get where I need to go at my own pace,” and a gal in a wheelchair sings out, “I have a place on this earth.” An Earth Mama stands rooted to the planet beneath her feet and states, “I tap into my wisdom and groundedness.” All are colorful, bold, boisterous, beautiful, witty, wise and whimsical in their portrayal of human individuality and diversity.

These heart-warming and spirit-lifting cards are the creation of Cheryl Rainfield and make a wonderful gift to oneself, or to a female family member or friend who could use more light and love in her life. Rainfield’s artwork is as bright and uplifting as her affirmations are, making this a special deck of cards that will be cherished, and used, for a long time.

Designed to be used when needed, or looked at every day for a positive spin on life, Love Yourself is a powerful, imaginative and compassionate tool for transformation that every woman can benefit from. Young girls, too, will treasure these cards, which celebrate the individual gift that each and every one of us is to ourselves, to those we love, and to the world.

    — © 2004 Marie D. Jones for

Cheryl Rainfield's Love Yourself Affirmation Cards

When I first looked at Cheryl's affirmation cards I smiled, and felt peaceful and happy. Cheryl's cards are wonderfully soothing, comforting, and self-affirming. They contain beautiful, magical images and messages that lighten the heart and lift the spirits.

The cards show women of different ages, races, and sizes feeling good about themselves, and doing relaxing and positive things. The cards' images and messages remind us to connect to our inner wisdom, have fun, be creative, see our inner beauty, speak our minds, express our feelings and needs, reach out to others, and much, much more. They are delightful reminders of how to be kind and loving toward ourselves and other people.

I think that the cards can be used for many purposes, including feeling calm and comforted, preparing for a stressful situation (such as a job interview, staff meeting, etc.), overcoming self-defeating "inner voices," feeling grounded, and for getting in touch with your feelings, thoughts, and needs. I think that they could be particularly helpful for trauma survivors, girls and women dealing with body image, and anyone struggling with self-hatred or critical voices.

They are an oasis in an otherwise hectic and stressful life. I highly recommend them.

    — Kali Munro

Love Yourself: 54 Affirmation Cards (Product Review)

When Cheryl Rainfield asked me to review her affirmation cards, I was quite excited. I've never worked with affirmation cards before, but found the idea very appealing.

The Love Yourself deck includes 54 professionally printed glossy cards each with a unique image and affirmation on each side. The images are all drawn in a style that suggests light, joy, contentment, and acceptance. They feature women of all sizes, races, and ages, experiencing the affirmation being true for them. The messages on the cards are all based around loving yourself, whether that be taking care of your body, following your dreams, improving your confidence, accepting yourself, or one of many other themes. Each affirmation is written in two different forms an ("I" message and a "you" message), and you can choose to work with whichever form feels right for you at the time.

I decided to flick through the pack and choose to work with an affirmation that resonated with me each day. I took the card out of the pack and placed it next to my computer where I could see it frequently. With the first affirmation I chose, I found I worked better with the "you" form of the affirmation. For example, "You listen for the answers inside you". But after a couple of days, I was able to switch to the other side of the card (eg. "I listen for the answers inside me") and work with that instead.

The cards are really nice to work with. They're a good size for carrying around with you, and the messages are encouraging and supportive. Even in the short time I've been working with the cards, I've noticed that I'm generally feeling more open to the universe, and more positive about the things happening in my life. If you need to learn to love yourself more, then Cheryl's affirmation cards are a good place to start!

    — Catherine Doyle, Natural Bloom Adventures in Holistic Health

Review of Affirmation Cards Created by Cheryl Rainfield

Once I had read the reviews and background of the creator Cheryl I was intrigued by comments like 'an invaluable interventional tool'. Having used affirmations a great deal myself, I am aware of the enormous benefit, but also the pain they can provoke in a dissociative user. I was interested to see how a survivor had approached this subject.

Although I took on board the comments around me, that the people depicted may not be as beautiful as they could be, I was aware that they were intentionally ordinary images to identify with. Not only this, but Cheryl has managed to include a wide range of different groups of people without it being an obvious message in her art. It was also clear that she has taken into account the vulnerability of survivors and given no pressure or risk of ideation with an, impossible to achieve, image of the self.

The fact that the cards are double sided, takes the user through the whole process of change that this positive thinking can achieve, which is important for people who have suffered damage to be able to understand.

The artwork is inspired and completely captures the aim of each affirmation, giving a feeling of peace, love and hope to each one. The depictions are solely based on the self concept, therefore giving no possibility of triggering material, about any of the wider issues of life and relationships. The images of adults indulging in play, art and everyday tasks that involves childlike pursuits as well as 'grown up' ones, would definitely be an invaluable tool for people coming to terms with multiplicity, and learning to give inner parts a way of expressing themselves. I was particularly touched by the card that showed a person holding every part of themself in their hand on one side and then on the reverse giving them the freedom to express themselves.

My opinion of this product is that an enormous amount of thought, skill, love and a deep understanding of the processes necessary for a survivor of abuse to move through have been put into them. I would highly reccomend them to anyone.

    — Rebecca King, First Person Plural

Stocking Stuffer: Love Yourself affirmation cards

Every woman on your holiday gift list could probably use a little help loving and appreciating her body! Here's just the thing: "Love Yourself Affirmation Cards!"

There are very few images and messages that reflect the true diversity of women's different sizes, shapes, ethnicity and age. "Love Yourself" affirmation cards do just that. The cards portray diverse girls and women along with many messages of strength, self- esteem, encouragement and joy.

Here is a sampling of some of the affirmations:

  • "I listen to the wisdom inside me."

  • "I look within. There is so much beauty."

  • "I follow my dreams. They are worth believing in."

  • "I spend time each day thinking of myself with love."

The thing that is especially nice about these cards is the way they are packaged - like a deck of cards. It is sometimes hard to know what to do with affirmations, but these can be easily displayed, stored and toted. The quality is also excellent - colorful, glossy cards that will hold up well.

    — Carol Johnson, author: Self-Esteem Comes In All Sizes Largely Positive

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