Gifts for Book Lovers, part 3

More goodies for book lovers!

This Bookmark Pen is also a neat idea. It’s a flat pen with a clip to attach it to your book. I wouldn’t clip it onto pages; it might damage them–but clipping it onto the cover of your book might be okay. It may still leave an imprint on a softcover. The pens are only 1/8th inch thin, and weigh less than 1/10 of an ounce (3 grams).They’re available in more than 29 color combinations. They’re $2.00 US each.

I’ve never seen something like this before; it looks like a possibly neat book gadget–Page Keeper: The Automatic Bookmark. According to the site, once you clip it on your book, you “never have to touch it until you’re ready to put it in your next book. Spring tension lets the corner “finger” follow along, page by page, as you read,” so you never lose your place. The one thing I’m not sure I like is that it looks like it pulls at the book a bit. But it intrigues me, and is a great price–$6.95 US. Canadian and international customers can order from here for $6.95 US, and UK customers can order it from here for £4.99.

This I Read Banned Books Bracelet will appeal to many book lovers, librarians, and writers. $20.00 US

A librarian, especially, or a book lover with fond memories of libraries might get a kick out of these library-card book plates. They’re printed onto sticker paper, so you just have to peel them off and stick them on. $9.00 US for 18 bookplates.
A neat fantasy poster for book lovers who love fantasy or love to dream might be this “On the Way” poster by Quint Buchholz. And the price is great, too, at $19.95 US.

This is an interesting idea–a seatbelt light. If you know a booklover who is the passenger in a car, then this might be perfect for them. They can easily read a book while riding in the car, without disturbing the driver. $8.98 US

I think this Books To the Ceiling bookmark is awesome–a fantastic illustration and poem, and a great priced bookmark at $1.75 US. Comes laminated. You can also buy it as a small poster for $11.95 US, as a medium poster, or as a large poster for $19.95 US.
This Book Lover Gold Watch may appeal to the booklover, writer, or librarian that you know and love. With miniature books, a pen, and glasses within the watch, this shows a love of books, reading, and writing. $44.95 US
Bookends can be a neat gift, though a little pricey.
These Library Book Bookends ($69.99 US) both really appeal to me, and make me want to straighten the books and not have them sitting like that. 🙂 If your book lover is one who likes to keep their books neat and tidy or in good shape, this *might* not be the right bookend for them. But if they just love books, well, it might appeal.What’s neat about the Just Bookends store is they sell a TON of bookends. You have so many choices, here. So you can match a theme to your booklover. I saw some other bookends that were personally appealing to me, such as a Boy Reading bookends ($99.00 US); a
frog bookend ($109.99 US); and Heads Up Rabbit bookends ($89.00 US).

The ALA store has many fantastic bookmarks based on children’s books and children’s favorite characters. You get 100 of one kind for $8.00 US. If you booklover is a fan of one of those books or characters, I’ll bet they’d love a stack of high-quality bookmarks. I would. I’ve actually purchased a set for myself. Some of their bookmarks include Curious George; Guess How Much I Love To Read (from the picture book Guess How Much I Love You); If You Give Kids Great Books They’ll Want to Read Them Again and Again (from Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie); Lemony Snicket “It is an Unfortunate Event to Lose Your Place”; Mutts from Mutts but also from The Gift of Nothing; “Share a Book” from Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!; “Say Goodnight With a Good Book” from Goodnight Moon; and many, many more.

These Standing Librarian Bookends ($79.99 US) may appeal to both booklovers and librarians. A little pricey, but neat.

These Bookworm Bookends, featuring children reading while sitting in comfy chairs, really appeal to me, though they’re a bit pricey at $199 US

These Librarian Socks, with images of open books all over them and a big proud “Librarian” at the top may appeal to the librarian you know.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I have the “Page Keeper” book mark and love it.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Danielle, that’s good to hear. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

  3. Brad Wirz says:

    More good stuff. Keep them coming!

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