wheeeee! Library ELF works beautifully :)

Remember when I told you about Library Elf here? (The free online service you can sign up for, that sends you an email BEFORE your library books are due–and alerts you when your holds have arrived.) Well, it works beautifully. I just received an email from Library Elf, letting me know that two of the books I recently placed on hold are in at my library, waiting for me–BEFORE I even received a call from my own library system, letting me know. How cool is that?

photo by Soul Pusher on Flickr

I love that I can receive email notifications. It even tells me which library to pick the books up at (in Toronto, we have a wealth of libraries, and you can request that books be shipped for pick up at whichever library you want), AND it shows me the status of all my other holds–which books are currently in transit, soon to arrive at the library, which books I’ve put a pause on. This is all information that I could get if I went to the library website, logged in, clicked through a bunch of pages to get to–but this comes to me without my having to do a thing. It’s so easy!

Do you regularly take books out from your library system? If so, I highly recommend Library Elf. I think that the alerts for books that you have on hold currently only work in the US and Canada.

As a side note–isn’t that photo by Soul Pusher amazing? It’s a view from a doll house, but before I know that, it looked like a wonderful fastasy–huge books, a tiny chair (thus tiny people). I love it. 🙂

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