more gifts for readers and writers

Gifts for book lovers and writers are fun to look at all year round. So I’ve compiled some more.

If you like Dr. Seuss books, then this site has a ton of great Dr. Seuss products.

Like this Cat In the Hat mini mug at $3.99.
Or these super-cute canvas storage boxes made to look like popular Dr. Seuss books. These are definitely on my wish list. $49.99 for the set of three.

I think this Booklover’s Holiday Calendar is pretty neat–fun and inspirational at the same time, with a clear love of books. Behind each window of this non-sectarian calendar is a literary quote about reading, writing, and all things literary by Virginia Woolf, Henry David Thoreau, E. M. Forster, E. B. White, Will Rogers, James Baldwin, and others. It includes quotes such as
“In literature, as in love, we are astounded by what is chosen by others.”—Andre Maurois
and “What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers.”—Logan Pearsall Smith. It looks like it goes through all the letters of the alphabet. $7.95 at the Readers Catalog.

This Book Lust Journal by Nancy Pearl looks like a great way to keep track of the books you love, write down favorite passages or thoughts after you read the book, or to think about how the book reflects your life. The template encourages all this, and functions as an easy-access reference tool to return to previous entries you’ve written. There are also templates to record books on your “To Read” list, and keep tabs on books you’ve lent out. $10.95

I think this button would appeal to a lot of readers, writers, and librarians:At $1.00 each from Barrel of Monkeys on Etsy, it’s a great deal.
I absolutely *love* these If You Give a Mouse a Cookie pajamas, though they’re a bit too expensive for me. They come as a mother-and-child set; $100 for both. It also comes with a copy of the book. $10 from the sale goes directly to First Book, which gives books to children from low-income families who might not otherwise own their own books.
This small, sturdy pad–the Jotter–seems like a perfect gift for writers (I know I’d love one), and, at $6.95 each and free shipping in the US or Canada, it’s inexpensive, too. It’s a small size, so easy to slip into a back pocket or bag, has a chrome cover to keep the pages uncrumpled, and comes with a small pen. Oohhh, I think I’m going to go buy one. 🙂

Another cool gift for writers–at least those that write or edit by hand–pencils with quotes on them from other writers offering advice and insight. I just wish they’d tell us exactly what the quotes are. Thirty pencils, six each of five quotations. $17.95 from The Reader’s Catalog.

I think these are such funny sayings, perfect for writers with a sense of humor: “My critique group understands me…” and “I do not write like Dr. Seuss (My ms. rocks like Fox In Socks)”. They come as a t-shirt, cloth bag, button, notebook, and more through Pickled Pixel Toe. (Thanks to Editorial Anonymous for the link.)

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