August Book Giveaway – Pay It Forward

I love receiving free books, and I’ll bet you do, too. You can enter to win one of three copies here.

Susan McBride, the author of The Debs, has generously offered two signed copies of The Debs (the finished book) for winners here. That means there will be a total of 3 winners for The Debs. (Two signed copies of The Debs, and one ARC of The Debs).

And, if you don’t win a copy, The Debs will be released next Tuesday, so if the book interests you, consider getting yourself a copy.

Check out Susan McBride’s website.

(Please note: The book is an ARC, so there may be spelling errors or changes to the book that are not found in the published version.)

1) Once a month, or when I get to it, I’ll pick a book (or two) to give away to one (or two) lucky reader(s) (you don’t have to have a blog to enter). It may be a book that I’ve purchased new or used, or it may be an ARC or a review copy of a book I’ve recently reviewed. (If you receive an ARC from me, please don’t sell it online after you’ve read it.)

2) How to enter:
Leave a comment on this post with your name (and/or anything else you want to say). In August, the winner will be randomly selected by using the Random Integer Generator. lf you’re the winner, I’ll contact you, and you can email me the address you want the book shipped to. Open to anyone in any country. Giveaway closes August 31 at noon EST, so please enter before then.

3) If you’re the lucky winner of the book giveaway, I ask that you consider donating a book of your choice (new or used) to your local library or shelter after you’re done with it, or to host your own Book Pay-It-Forward on your site or blog.

4) If you’re really motivated and want to host your own “Pay It Forward” giveaway at any time, feel free to grab the button above to use on your own blog. Just let her know so she can publish a post plugging your giveaway and directing readers your way!

That’s it! Have fun. πŸ™‚ I’ll be holding the drawing on August 31 or a day or two after.

About Cheryl Rainfield

I write the books I needed and couldn't find as a teen. I write teen fiction--paranormal fantasy and gritty realistic fiction. I'm the author of SCARS (WestSide Books, 2010) #1 ALA QuickPicks, and Governor General Literary Award Finalist, HUNTED (WestSide Books, Oct 2011), STAINED (Harcourt, 2013), The Last Dragon (HIP Books, Sept 2009), and Walking Both Sides (HIP Books, 2011). I also enjoy drawing, surfing the web, connecting with people I like, doing crafts, and being with my dog.
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35 Responses to August Book Giveaway – Pay It Forward

  1. michele miller says:

    Thanks for the contest, sounds like a good read for my teenaged daughter, who LOVES to read!

  2. Alessandra says:

    I’d love to win this book! Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!

  3. Pejad says:

    Hello! What a lovely initiative, I would really love to read this book, I wish I could win it!
    Thank you for the chance!

  4. giapally says:

    My sister and I would really like to read this book, we can’t wait to see who’s the lucky winner and… we keep our fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

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  6. Theresa N says:

    Please sign me up. I regularly donate books to my library.

  7. Kaye R. says:

    I’m a middle school counselor who loves books and middle school kids. If I win, I promise to pass the book along to a middle school girl after I’ve read it first!

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  9. Ken says:

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Thanks, Ken; that’s wonderful!

  11. Linda Peters says:

    Love to read new authors

  12. israel y says:

    thanks for the giveaway! looks like an interesting book

  13. Josette says:

    Hi there, please count me in! I’ve linked to this post in my blog too. Books Love Me



  14. Yessenia says:

    wow!! this book sounds really good i read about it on another blog hope to win it so i can get around to reading it

  15. tracey c says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She loves to read but Im trying to get her into reading something other than graphic novels

  16. Carla Pullum says:

    I love to read!! Please enter me!! My kids are readers too!!

  17. Yan says:

    I would love to win! I also wouldn’t mind giving back to the public library seeing as how I constantly borrow their books.

  18. Amy L. says:

    I would love to enter! And donating a book to a library will definitely be on my list!

  19. Linda says:

    Wow, this list is pretty long! I hope luck is on my side! Would love to be entered.

  20. Kathy Conley says:

    Sounds like a great read and a great idea!

  21. Linda says:

    Hi! Just commenting that I’ve changed my e-mail address.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Hi Linda,
    Good, I’m glad you let me know.

  23. Cindy Flores says:

    My daughter would love to read a book like this. Hse loves reading.

  24. Jackie B. says:

    Please enter me for a copy of this book. Sounds like a good one that I would love to have added to my collection. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway!

  25. sandra kao says:

    enter me

  26. kathy pease says:


  27. amandasue says:

    Thanks for entering me into your book giveaway, I love reading!

  28. Paradox says:

    I would like to enter, please.

  29. Chioma says:

    I would love to enter (I mean really who doesnt love free books).

  30. J Chaborek says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway & I have actually heard of this book previously & was intrigued. Would love a chance to read it. Like many of the books I read, I will definitly pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it. Take care!

  31. Anita Yancey says:

    Sounds like a terrific book. Would love to read. Please enter me.

  32. Tiffany Losco says:

    I would love to win this book. I love reading new teen books. Especially when they are free πŸ™‚

  33. sarah b says:

    I know just who I would give this book to!

  34. Theresa N says:

    I’ve read good things about Susan’s books. I’d love to read The Deb’s

  35. Jo Ann says:

    Would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity!

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