Book promotion – giving out business cards on the subway

I was editing my manuscript as I traveled on the subway, as I usually am lately. And when it was getting to my stop, I put my manuscript away in my backpack–and the young guy (maybe 20) sitting beside me took out his earbuds, and asked if it was a novel that i was editing. I said yes, it was. He asked which novel, and I said it wasn’t published yet. Then he asked if I was a writer, and without even gulping or hesitating, I said yes. I took my book reviewer business card out of my wallet, and handed it to him, and said that if he wanted to he could check out my website and see some of my books.

I was brave. I actually networked…when I thought I couldn’t! (I used to be too shy to talk to people, never mind network.) And the young man seemed pleased about it.

Part of me felt like i was lying when I told him he could check out my books, but I do have two of my books mentioned on my site. It’s just that they’re not published yet. But they are coming out–the first one in 4 months (Sept), the second in 2010–and I AM a writer. So…I think it was neat that I had the confidence to do that. That’s new. And it felt good.

If you’re a writer, do you ever do that? Give people cards with your website or book–and not just at writer conferences? If you do, when do you do it?

If you’re a reader–how would you feel if an author gave you a card with their website info? Would it depend on the situation? The conversation? The author?

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I write the books I needed and couldn't find as a teen. I write teen fiction--paranormal fantasy and gritty realistic fiction. I'm the author of SCARS (WestSide Books, 2010) #1 ALA QuickPicks, and Governor General Literary Award Finalist, HUNTED (WestSide Books, Oct 2011), STAINED (Harcourt, 2013), The Last Dragon (HIP Books, Sept 2009), and Walking Both Sides (HIP Books, 2011). I also enjoy drawing, surfing the web, connecting with people I like, doing crafts, and being with my dog.
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3 Responses to Book promotion – giving out business cards on the subway

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  2. Kelly says:

    Go you! Next time will be even easier!

    Since none of my writing is anywhere close to being published, I don’t feel like I can answer the 1st set of questions. As a reader, I’ve never received a card from an author, but if I did I would certainly go to the web site.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Thanks, Kelly, for the encouragement. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’d check out an author’s website if you got their card!

    And keep writing and submitting. It’ll happen.

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