New affordable ebook reader on the market!

There’s a new, more affordable ebook reader out, to compete with all the others! Cool-er e-book reader, which uses the same e-ink technology (easy to read, even in direct sunlight), but is almost 60% lighter than the current e-readers out there, at 5.6 ounces–compared to 10 oz and up (which is very appealing to me, when I don’t want to weigh my bag down more). Cool-er also comes in bright colors that I love–purple, pink, turquoise, silver, black, red, brown, and green. It also runs on Linux, and has a 1 GB storage card slot. It doesn’t offer wireless…but do you really need that? I don’t. Also, since it doesn’t use wireless, Cool-er can be used in any country–a bonus for any of us outside the US. Cool-er supports ebooks in ePub, Txt, JPEG and PDF formats. It’s PC and Mac compatible, and one charge lasts for overn 8,000 book turns.

And the best part of this appealing e-reader? The price! The Cool-er is $250, and will be available June 1st from the manufacturer’s website. So far, it’s the most appealing e-reader, at least to me, on the market.

I’d still like to see a reader review, but…it’s tempting me. I’ve put it on my wishlist.

How about you?

**update: US residents can pre-order using this link, while people in other countries should check back in the next two weeks.

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