Gifts for Book Lovers, Writers, & Editors, Part 6

I *love* finding book- and writing-related gifts for writers, book lovers, editors–anyone who loves books and words! Here are a few gift possibilities:

Keyboard Pen

This is likely to appeal to writers more than readers. A pen with a QWERTY keyboard wrapped around it! It’s expensive at $62 US, but may be an enjoyable gift for some writers and computer geeks.


These stickers are perfect for grammar nerds, or anyone who can’t bear to see punctuation and grammar mistakes in signs, menus, etc. 🙂 (Think editors, writers, word lovers, some book lovers.) At $3.00/sheet, it’s hard to pass up.


This notepad especially appeal to children’s writers and to anyone who’s ever read and loved Dr. Seuss. I know I want one! Amazon, $3.74

Books Fall Open, You Fall In bookmarks by Mary Engelbreit

Book lovers and writers often like bookmarks. I know I do–especially ones with beautiful art and sayings.This bookmark by Mary Engelbreit is my new favorite. I love the saying and the fantasy-like appeal of books. You can buy a pack of 36 for $3.29. Or, you can buy a teacher’s set of four different Mary Engelbreit bookmarks (I’m assuming at least 20 of each style) for $10.99 at

Where the Wild Things Are Magnetic Note Pad

Writers love to write–and readers often do, too. And getting a letter in the mail from a friend can feel so good! This stationary set featuring Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are looks pretty appealing to me. It’s especially timely with the release of the movie.Amazon, $3.94

Yoropen – the Ergonomic Pen

Do you write a lot in your day? I sure do. Writing can cause strain on your hand and wrist. These pens are supposed to be ergonomically designed to create more comfortable, strain-free writing, and to be especially helpful for anyone with hand pain like arthritis. The way the pen’s designed prevents your fingers from slipping down the barrel, gives you a clear line of vision when you’re writing, and has an adjustable grip that makes it good for both right-handed and left-handed people. I’ve never tried one yet, but at $3.00 for a standard Yoropen, you can bet I’m going to! The standard pens come in blue, pink, and black barrels with blue or black ink. They also have more expensive pens, pencils, and pens for children.

Spot Me Bookmark

Spot Me Bookmark is an interesting bookmark–it allows you to mark the last sentence that you read, so that you don’t lose your place or have to re-read paragraphs when you come back to the book. You move the arrow slider to mark the sentence. $1.99 I’m not sure if it appeals to me or not–but I love looking at new bookmarks. What do you think?

Scroll Pen: Paper In Pen

How many times have you scrambled to find a piece of paper when you want to jot down something? This pen solves that problem. It holds a roll of paper in its barrel. You don’t even have to tear the paper off to write on it; just pull the bottom of the pen off, and you have a pen in one hand and the other half with the paper in the other. $35. ($10 for 3 scroll paper replacements.)

Click Clack Read tote bag

I *love* Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin’s funny Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. So finding this tote bag was delightful. It’s got a great message on it, too–appealing to readers and writers–“Click Clack Read.” Help save the earth by not using plastic bags, and show the world how much you love to read–and read children’s books!$18.99

Charlotte’s Web tote bag

Or how about a Charlotte’s Web tote bag? I love that illustration; it takes me back to the book. $19.50.

For more tote bags and t-shirts featuring characters from children’s books and work by children’s illustrators, check out Includes illustrations and characters by Betsy Lewin, Mo Willems, Kevin Henkes, Rosemary Wells, and more.

You’ve Been Sentenced!

This game sounds like a lot of fun for word and book lovers and writers. From the site: ” ‘Short lumpy worms momentarily filled the dugout.’ No, it’s not a baseball team’s nightmare, it’s an example of the crazy sentences that you might come up with while playing the entertaining game You’ve Been Sentenced. This game consists of 540 5-sided sentence-building cards that will give you endless sentence possibilities. The point of the game is to try to use as many cards as possible to create a coherent yet zany sentence. The whole family will be in a fit of giggles as you all read your sentences and justify their meanings. For 3-10 players.” $21.75

USB Vacuum Cleaner for your keyboard

I don’t know if this actually works, but I could sure use one. How about you? Cat hair, crumbs, they all get in my keyboard. $10.00

Harry the Dirty Dog Mini Cube Puzzle by Mudpuppy

Harry the Dirty Dog is often a favorite picture book–it’s definitely one of mine. So it’s neat to find this jigsaw puzzle featuring the book. $8.99

You can also get an Eric Carle mini cube puzzle – Chameleon, a Goodnight Moon Puzzle, Where the Wild Things Are Floor Puzzle ($18.00), Guess How Much I Love You mini cube puzzle, Madeline 24 Piece Floor Puzzle ($14.99), and more.

Creative Whack Pack

This looks like a fantastic tool, not only for writers, but also for anyone who wants to think creatively or problem solve. The deck is illustrated and comes with 64 cards with creative thinking strategies that will “whack you out of habitual thought patterns and enable you to look at your life and actions in a fresh way.” This is on my wish-list now! $16.

See also the Creative Whack Pack site.

Crossword 4-Function Pen

Another pen likely to appeal to some writers, and to crossword puzzle enthusiasts, is the crossword pen. Its exterior is covered with a crossword puzzle, and it has four options: it has a pen, a highlighter, a pencil, and a PDA stylus. To change the options, hold the pen horizontally and rotate it until the icon for the desired function faces up, then click on button #1. $35.

This comparison study of 7 different booklights convinced me that the next booklight I buy, I want to be Zelco Itty Bitty Slim Book Light. It clips onto the spine of the book instead of the pages, so doesn’t hurt the pages. The LED light is bright and shines directly where you want it, on the pages, and should last for decades. $35. at Amazon with free shipping included.

Here’s something new, at least to me–a camera disguised as a book! The camera takes film, so it isn’t digital, and I would guess it’d appeal to people as a curiosity or something fun. I’m not sure I’d ever use it–or want to pay the $75 price tag–but I like looking at the photo; it makes me grin. Maybe it’d appeal to a book lover you know.

What do you think? Appealing, or not?

The camera is created by Superheadz, who make toy cameras. You can buy one from here.

Thanks to NotCot for the info.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch bookmark: Reading Is a Gift

Dr. Seuss’ the Grinch is a favorite of many. I love this bookmark–and what a great message–“Reading is a gift.” 36 bookmarks for $2.99.

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  2. Amitha says:

    I love the keyboard pen! I’m not so sure about the “scroll” pen. $10 for refills of small pieces of papers seems rather extravagant. Let me know how that Yoropen works out. It looks interesting.

  3. I’m glad you like the keyboard pen (grinning). I like the idea of the scroll pen, but, like you, I found the paper refills expensive.

  4. Mary Bonelli says:

    And I am the author and publisher of the BOOK LOVERS 2011 CALENDAR. I thought the calendar would be a nice addition to your website for gifts for Book Lovers.

    The calendar features colorful book related photos; each date on the calendar notes an author who was born on that date and lists one of their works; wonderful quotes from books and authors; and a feature each month on book related locations, events, books, etc. I also donate a portion of the sale of the calendars to who get books into the hands of children in need.

    Please take a look at my website to see the calendar and other Book Lovers items that I offer including coffee mugs, wine glasses, tote bags, t-shirts and mouse pads.


    Mary Bonelli
    Book Lovers Stuff

  5. Thanks so much for the great mention. I love to read that people are excited about our game — and thanks for sharing with your readers!

    Susan McNeill
    McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
    creators of You’ve been Sentenced!

  6. mariage says:

    Am I Allowed To use a few parts of “Cheryl Rainfield: » Gifts for Book Lovers, Writers, & Editors, Part 6” on my own site, with a back link evidently ? Many thanks for your answer.

  7. Mariage, yes. A link back would be great. 🙂

    Susan, you’re very welcome for the mention.

    Mary, I’m sure many people will check it out.

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