Guest Blog by YA author E Lockhart and book giveaway

As part of her blog tour to celebrate the release of her new book, The Treasure Map of Boys: Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon–and me, Ruby Oliver, E Lockhart has agreed to stop by and give us a guest post today, about writing. And one lucky winner (who resides in the US) will win a set of the Ruby Oliver books! Read on for details.

Finishing a large writing project is always bittersweet, because you’ve gotten attached to the characters and to the world you’ve created — and now you have to leave them. I never knew I was writing a series when I started The Boyfriend List, but halfway through I had an idea for a sequel. Then once The Boy Book was out, I wrote other stuff for a while, but planned to write a third book if there was demand. I figured out the plot for the third book very carefully — and then abandoned it and wrote a completely different story, which became The Treasure Map of Boys. Then some of the elements of that abandoned third book went into the fourth — Real Live Boyfriends, out December 2010.

But the fourth one is the last. I am pretty sure. I have wrapped up my loose ends and found something close to a happy ending. So I should be glad, and feel satisfaction at having written a quartet.

Except, I am attached to Ruby, my heroine. I am going to miss her hugely. Or rather — miss expressing that part of myself hugely. Ruby is the most like me of any character I’ve written, even though she’s desperately and comically neurotic. Writing her is like writing out all my bad habits, all my quirks and anxieties. She’s also wittier than I ever could be in person: I work and rework her dialogue until she’s saying all the smart comebacks I wish I could say in social situations. So she is both my worst self and my best self.

The new covers for the books will launch with Real Live Boyfriends next December. They covers are really gorgeous — and you can see them throughout my blog tour, revealed for the first time! But for me, it is strange to see a model’s perfect face, representing the INSIDE OF MY OWN HEAD. Because Ruby’s over-dramatic life is pretty much what it’s like inside my brain: chaotic, ardent, wordy, complicated, analytical. And yet here she is, prettier than any normal human and smiling for the camera. I honestly don’t think I ever fully pictured how she’d look. Not in that much detail.

So I’ve seen her for the first time, just when we have to say goodbye.

–E Lockhart


Thank you, E Lockhart! That was really interesting! It’s neat to hear that you care so much about your characters.


Now for the book giveaway details:

One lucky winner who resides in the US will win a set of E Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver books. To enter, simply leave a comment below on this post, between today, Dec 10, 2009, and Dec 15, 2009. One winner will be randomly selected on Dec 16, 2009, and the publisher will send the winner the books. (Sorry everyone who doesn’t live in the US; it’s strictly a postage cost thing.)


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30 Responses to Guest Blog by YA author E Lockhart and book giveaway

  1. whitney says:

    I would looooooovvveee a set of the Ruby books!!

    E. Lockhart is such a great writer.
    I’m so excited for Roo 4.

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  3. Lindsay F says:

    I absolutely adore Ruby and sometimes wish I could be her, even if she is at times a social leper. I wish I could pull of her vintage fashion!

  4. Parting is sweet sorrow!

    ROCK the fishnets on that cover, lady.

  5. Andrea says:

    So does this mean the new book will not match the previous covers? I’m so bummed. I liked the covers & wanted my complete set to match. Still, I’m looking forward to reading the new book as I love this series!

  6. Erica says:

    I would love to be entered!

  7. Meghan says:

    I agree, I wanted the fourth book to match the original three. Oh well….
    Is the contest for the new covers? If it is, please enter me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m loving these new covers! I’ve been following this tour just to see all the new covers.

  9. Danielle says:

    Last time I was in a vintage shop, I couldn’t help but think of Roo =)

  10. jenn says:

    hm, it will be difficult to get used to the new covers, swell as they may be. still, having a shiny set of them on my shelves would help …

  11. Abigail Hall says:

    I LOVE E. Lockhart! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pick me to win the books!!

  12. JenP says:

    I’d love enter! Thanks!

  13. Deb Cushman says:

    It would seem difficult to say goodbye to your main character after living with her through the writing of four books.

  14. ChinLin Pan says:

    I LOVE ROO!!!
    E. Lockhart rocks. I’d love to enter to win!

  15. Ya says:

    Unlike the other comments I don’t happen to love E.Lockhart nor Roo…yet! I’ve yet to read any of her books so this would be a perfect opportunity.

  16. I’d love to read this!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  17. Drea says:

    I still haven’t read treasure map of boys, but man, do I love Disreputable History.

  18. Sam says:

    I’m kinda sad that the new cover came out (even though the girl is uber pretty and she totally rocks fashion-wise like Roo does). I really enjoyed the other covers because they were sooo cute! Anyway, I enjoy the post by E Lockhart. I already miss Roo so it must be even harder to let go of a character that has been modeled after herself and has been around for her entire life.
    <3 Roo, Hutch, Noel, & Nora

  19. amy says:

    i so love the ruby oliver series. and e. lockhart. e. has the best way of challenging the unwritten rules of teen relationships (like choosing a boy over your friend, for instance). am bummed my set of these books won’t match covers, but i suppose i understand the publisher’s reasoning for switching (even though i loved the old ones).

    side note: can anyone read what it says under the title? i love the little subtitles these books have!

  20. Chelsea S says:

    I would love to give these books to my local pediatric hospital where I volunteer. The children there would love these!

  21. Honey Mommy says:

    I love YA books, and would love to read these!

  22. Beth C says:

    I would love to have these books. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Barbara S. says:

    These books are so incredible and I would love to have the entire set. Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks

  24. Julie says:

    I love Roo. I read the latest Roo book all in one night because I just couldn’t put it down. I’d love a set for my very own!

  25. Line says:

    please enter me in the ruby oliver giveaway. our school library could really use these books!

  26. MUM says:

    OMG, I’d love to win these books for my daughter. I know she’d just love them. ๐Ÿ˜€


  27. I have heard tons of wonderful thngs about these books. Please enter me for them.


  28. Jillian says:

    I LOVE Ruby and Noel and everybody in these books they are so real!

  29. Judy says:

    My friend would adoree this ๐Ÿ˜€

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