Article on children’s & YA book buying – and how do you find books?

If you haven’t read it yet, there’s an interesting article in PW on people who buy children’s and YA books–the how and the why–based on a recent study.

I loved reading that “books ranked number one over all other media for the youngest ages”, and that teens, too, turned to books for fun at least 57% of the time (over other media). Yay!!

It was interesting to me, too, about how teens and book buyers found YA & kidlit books. I find a heck of a lot of books and authors myself, online–through blogger reviews, mentions on writer and reader listserves, through online book stores…. Though I also find books through browsing through physical bookstores, recommendations from friends, book discussions….

How do you find books to read?

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I write the books I needed and couldn't find as a teen. I write teen fiction--paranormal fantasy and gritty realistic fiction. I'm the author of SCARS (WestSide Books, 2010) #1 ALA QuickPicks, and Governor General Literary Award Finalist, HUNTED (WestSide Books, Oct 2011), STAINED (Harcourt, 2013), The Last Dragon (HIP Books, Sept 2009), and Walking Both Sides (HIP Books, 2011). I also enjoy drawing, surfing the web, connecting with people I like, doing crafts, and being with my dog.
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2 Responses to Article on children’s & YA book buying – and how do you find books?

  1. Joe Lunievicz says:

    This was an interesting article expecially since an article in the NYTimes recently commented on how much Teens are reading ebooks.

    As for how I get my books I still love taking my son and hanging out at the bookstore, browsing titles and covers, and asking booksellers for recommendations. Of course Books of Wonder in NYC also has a great cupcake cafe …

  2. Thanks, Joe, that was interesting to read how you find your books! I love browsing in bookstores, too. …And buying books online, and on my Kindle. And hearing from friends. It’s hard NOT to buy books. (laughing) And a cafe in a bookstore sounds lovely! Some of the bookstores here have that, too.

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