Review of I Want To Do It Myself! by Tony Ross

I Want to Do It Myself!: A Little Princess Story
by Tony Ross
Reading Level: Ages 3 and up
Publisher: Andersen Press/Lerner USA (January 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-0761374121
Source: Review copy from publisher
My rating: 4/5 stars

If you have kids, have been around kids, or remember being a kid, you’ll know that at some point kids really want their independence, even if they’re not entirely ready for it. I Want to Do It Myself! speaks to that stage so well, and will be enjoyable for both parents and children.

In I Want to Do It Myself!, the Little Princess wants to go camping–all by herself. Her parents and staff try to help her in every stage of the way–offering to pack her bags, transport her, carry her bags, etc, but the Little Princess refuses help each time. However, her caring family keeps managing to help her out without her realizing she’s being helped–though the reader can see that she is. It’s funny to see the Little Princess’ rationalizations of how things she needs keep appearing, so she can think that she did it or brought it herself. Kids will love being in on something that the Little Princess isn’t, and will delight in the funny ending.

Tony Ross’ artwork is immediately recognizable; he has his own unique style.The illustrations are expressive and child-like, which will appeal to readers, and the text works well. The text and illustrations work together to tell the story; neither tell the complete story on their own.

This is a funny, enjoyable book.

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