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I’ve been finding Halloween harder this year

I’ve been finding Halloween harder this year, including the weeks leading up to it-it’s a time when cults increase their torture-but I’ve tried to focus on ways to make it positive tonight: dressing Petal up, and me, and then going out with the three little girls and their baby sister. I love Petal looking cute and adorable as a butterfly fairy, love wearing butterflies myself (can you tell I love Monarch butterflies?), and I love the kids’ enjoyment and delight in spending time with me.

I wish stores and houses didn’t display gruesome decorations like chopped, bloody limbs; human skulls; skeletons; spiders; masks, and gravestones, all of which are used in cult torture and abuse (real ones, not fake), but I’ve been getting through, and now I’m back home cuddling Petal and relaxing.

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