Gifts For Writers, Readers, and for Mental Health, December 2018

I love finding thoughtful gifts for the people I love. Do you have a writer or reader you love? Or someone who deals with mental-health issues? Here are some gifts they might enjoy.

Mental Heath Issues

Positive Message, Encouraging Zines by ThingsMadeByZulaikha
Know someone who struggles with anxiety, depression, or self-harm, or struggle yourself? These zines by ThingsMadeByZulaikha may be just what you need. My favourites are 100 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down ($5.94 US plus shipping); I’m Fine, Coping With Depression ($3.30 US plus shipping); Keep Moving Forward, mental health recovery and positivity ($3.96 plus shipping); and You Are The Entire Universe, a zine about self-love ($3.30 US plus shipping), but there are so many great choices here. You can read some of the pages within each zine before you buy (click on the images below each item).

Essential Oil Dough by DoughForIt
Essential oils can be calming, uplifting, energizing, and help fight depression, anxiety, and other issues. Combine them with something tactile that you can fidget with? Genius! Try these inexpensive, essential-oil scented doughs by DoughForIt on Etsy. $4 US for one tin of dough plus shipping, smaller ones for $3.50. You can choose the scents you want. My favorite is the tangerine oil Calm, which is great for uplifting and fighting depression.

Mental Health Temporary Tattoos by SnugaMate
I love these mental health temporary tattoos by Snugamate on Etsy with positive messages (and great colours and designs). They come in packs of 15; my favourite packs are Bold, which has messages such as “Forgive Yourself,” “I Matter,” “Never Give Up,” and Power, which has messages such as “Believe In Yourself,” “So Proud of You,” “You Are Awesome.” I wish I’d had something like this years ago – a visual reminder of messages we might need on a hard day.

Self Care Kit by Itty Bitty Book Co, Promoting Positivity
This little self-care gift has some positive-message reminders, including a mini book of strength with positive quotes; a greeting card with “breathe” on it; and three double-sided mini laminated prints with positive quotes. ($13.20 plus shipping)

Positive-Message T-Shirts, Mugs, and more by Cheryl Rainfield
I have some positive-message T-shirts, notebooks, mugs, prints, and more available that tie into my books over at Threadless–You Don’t Deserve To Be Hurt, Not By Anyone-Not Even Yourself; You Are Stronger Than You Know; and Sometimes You Have To Be Your Own Hero. Choose the design you want first, with our without the hashtags, and then you’ll see all the products for that design.

For Writers

Anything from Slyfur is sure to be a hit for writers. They have SO many cool bookish items, including a Book Nerd enamel pin ($8.99 plus shipping); bookish sayings pencils set which I LOVE, with sayings such as I Read YA and Professional Bookworm ($4.99 plus shipping); this adorable books and glasses earring set ($14.99 plus shipping); and SO much more.

Writerly and Bookish Enamel Pins
Writerly pins are cute and popular, and an inexpensive gift. There are many awesome, beautifully designed ones, including a set with a typewriter and coffee ($18 US); a set with a composition book and pencil ($18 US); create something new typewriter pin ($9 US); a good book is always too short quote pin ($11.99 US); and more. Is it bad if I want them all? (grinning)

Dixit Storytelling Board Game
Does the writer you know need some more fun in their life? Some more creativity? If they’re feeling burnt out, Dixit, a beautifully-illustrated storytelling board game, might bring them back some spark.

Scrivener Writing Software
Scrivener is a popular writing software tool that many writers love. It’s supposed to make the writing process easier. Check first before you give this gift, as the writer you know may already have and use it. ($45 US)

Writer Enamel Pin by ThatsLovelyDear
I think this little typewriter enamel pin is cute, and it announces that the person who wears it is a writer – a great conversation starter! Also an affordable gift at $9.02 US plus shipping. They also have another version here, and some book lover pins including this one.

Ergonomic Tools For Writers
Writers are working at keyboards all day (or pens and paper), and can easily start to have related health issues such as RSI. To help keep your writer healthy, consider getting them a good quality ergonomic keyboard, mouse, or other equipment. One of the easiest and least expensive ergonomic keyboards to use is Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard at $35 US. I have one and I like it. My top favorite ergonomic keyboard is the Advantage Kinesis, which places your fingers in the best position for the least amount of strain, but it takes some getting used to and is expensive at $319 US. I also highly recommend getting a mouse which puts your hand in a handshake position–also called a vertical mouse–again for the least amount of strain. Anker makes a good one for only $19.99 US. And since writers are sitting all day, consider helping them keep their health with an under-the-desk bike and pedal exerciser.

Writer T-shirts
There are many writerly T-shirts that might appeal to the writer you know, including a Writer T with a typewriter; I’d Rather Be Writing T-shirt; definition of a writer T-shirt (word-lover, artist, healer, researcher, world creator, etc); I’m A Writer; I Dream While Awake T-shirt; and more.

Writer Keyring
This writer keyring by SJJCreations1 on Etsy is a cute and affordable way to show a writer you know what they love – with little laptop, pen, and book charms attached. It would also make a great conversation starter. ($8.95 US)

Banned Book Bag
Some writers have had their books banned or challenged (I have). Most of us support the idea that people should be able to read what they want, and are against book banning. This banned-book bag by Out of Print brings awareness to the issue in a fun way. ($20.00 US) They also have banned book socks ($10.35 US), which I need to get myself some day soon! They also have typewriter socks, and some popular picture-book socks.

Writer Mugs
There are a lot of funny, affirming, and encouraging writer mugs out there. Some of my favourites are: the humorous I am a Writer, Anything You Say or Do May Be Used in a Story by MugCountry on Etsy ($12.95 US); my favorite a Banned Books mug by Out of Print; definition of a writer mug; and an awesome set of typewriter-key coasters in a typewriter.

Custom Book Cover Locket
What writer wouldn’t want one of their book covers on a necklace? It’s a great tribute to their books, and also a great way to start up a conversation about them. This custom book cover locket by SonnetandFable on Etsy would make a sweet gift for a writer.

For Readers

Slyfur Book Goodies
Have you checked out Slyfur? They have SO many cool book goodies, including a Book Nerd enamel pin ($8.99 plus shipping); bookish sayings pencils set which I LOVE, with sayings such as I Read YA and Professional Bookworm ($4.99 plus shipping); this adorable books and glasses earring set ($14.99 plus shipping); and SO much more.

Book Lover Gift Set by Fabulously Feminist
I love this book lover gift set by Fabulously Feminist on Etsy, with a Read and Resist mug; A Well Read Woman Is A dangerous Creature vinyl sticker; Women Who Read Are Dangerous vinyl sticker; Readers Gonna Read 2.25″ pinback button; Book Nerd 2.25″ pinback button; and a TON of 2″ round stickers with bookish sayings, including Live Free & Read; Read & Resist; Diverse Books Matter; and Read Banned Books. ($29.99 US plus shipping)

Reader Socks
Reader socks can keep your favorite reader cozy while they read, and send a message. They also seem to be really popular with a lot of readers, judging by SockSunday on Instagram. I can relate; I’m a book nerd myself and love all bookish things. If that sounds like you’re favourite reader, there are many choices, including: “Shh! I’m Reading” ($11.99 US); Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards by Out of Print ($10.35 US); Banned Book socks (I so want a pair!) ($10.35 US); rainbow library card socks (I need these, too!) also by Out of Print ($10.35 US); and many more.

Bookish Pins
There are a ton of cool bookish pins out there, including Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards; Where The Wild Things Are pins; book nerd; library card and stamp; and a library rolling bookcase with “This is how we roll.”

Reader Mugs
There are a lot of cool reader mugs out there, including “A Well-Read Woman Is A DANGEROUS Creature” by Fabulously Feminist on Etsy ($20.99 US); My Weekend Is All Booked with a beautiful image of a girl reading by ThePaisleyPressShop ($12.99 US); I Read Banned Books mug by SmittenByKristin on Etsy; and Reading Is My Superpower mug by MugCountry on Etsy ($13.99 US).

Reader T-Shirts
There are lots of fun booklover T-shirts, including One does not stop buying books just because there is no more self space; My Favourite Game Is How Many Chapters Can I Read In One Night T-shirt; and many more.

Subscription to a Book Box
There are many neat book subscription boxes that you can get as a gift for your favorite reader, including Uppercase’s monthly YA book subscription box where you not only get a signed first edition, but you also get cool bookish items. I’d love to be able to do this some year!

Bookstore Gift Cards
Don’t forget about bookstore gift cards! Readers LOVE to go wild in a bookstore, buying books they want with someone else’s money! It’s so fun. Don’t forget about gift cards from local bookstores, as well as online.

Signed Book or Book By A Favorite Author
Another thoughtful gift is a signed book (or bookplate) by a reader’s favourite author, or a book by their favourite author that they don’t have yet.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for gifts for people you love.

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