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Guest post by Tracy E. Banghart: Alloy Entertainment Partners With Amazon To Create A New Digital-First Imprint, and her previously self-published book is included. Enter to win $25 Amazon gift card.

Hello! My name is Tracy and I am so excited to be here today, celebrating with my blogger buddies! WHAT are we celebrating, you ask? Well, today marks the launch of a very exciting, special new program. Alloy Entertainment (of … Continue reading

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Bully-ish move on Amazon’s part

I love Amazon. I especially love how they have SO many books, how I can get books cheaply, and how I can *instantly* get so many books on my Kindle. Oh, yes, and I love my Kindle. But Amazon has … Continue reading

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new feature for Kindle owners – lending library

Today Amazon announced a new feature for Kindle users–but ONLY Kindle users with an Amazon Prime membership (and, I’m assuming, living in the US): the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Kindle owners (with Amazon Prime membership) can choose from thousands of … Continue reading

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Amazon is selling a book for pedophiles…

The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure–on how to rape children more safely–safely for the pedophile, that is. Its focus is on how to get pedophiles lighter jail sentences should they be caught. I cannot believe Amazon is selling this! … Continue reading

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Excited Author Videos and Win Amazon gift cards

Enter to win a $50, $25, $20, or $15 gift card to Amazon plus all three books in the Dragon Speaker series just for sharing one or both of the videos below! Read on for details. I am SO excited … Continue reading

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Amazon has acquired Stanza ebook reader

Did you know that Amazon has acquired Stanza, the hugely popular ebook reader for the iPod and iPod Touch? Yep, they have. Part of what made Stanza so popular, besides being free, was its ability to read multiple ebook formats, … Continue reading

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Was Amazon homophobic? Or was it “simply” a technological error?

You may have read about the recent snafu with–where thousands of lesbian and gay books lost their sales rankings, which made them hard to find via a search. This included picture book Heather Has Two Mommies, and YA book … Continue reading

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Rumors were wrong – no new Kindle this year

It turns out the rumors about a new, redesigned Kindle was wrong. Craig Berman,’s chief spokesperson, told the New York Times: “One thing I can tell you for sure is that there will be no new version of the … Continue reading

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TiVo and Amazon teaming up to put books in front of viewers

TiVo (a recording device that allows viewers to record shows automatically and skip commercials) and are partnering up to allow viewers to see, in onscreen Tivo menus, links to buy products like books, CDs, and DVDs that are discussed … Continue reading

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