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My own Christmas book tree

I LOVE what GalleyCat has done, getting people to create their own Christmas book trees, then take a photo and send it in. GalleyCat has created a montage of them. Since Christmas has always been a hard time for me … Continue reading

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Anonymous artist leaving book sculptures across Scotland

I love this! An anonymous artist is leaving book sculptures all around Scotland! And even though one librarian figured out who the artist was, since he’d bought a similar sculpture years ago, the newspaper asked readers if they wanted to … Continue reading

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Inexpensive gift for book lovers, writers, editors, etc

I LOVE book sculptures. When they’re done well, they are beautiful, intricate, and show the incredible beauty and imagination of books. Su Blackwell is my top favorite book sculptor. How I wish I could afford one of her book sculptures! … Continue reading

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Book-Inspired Art: Cakes based on children’s and teen books

photo credit: mags20_eb I love book-inspired things–especially when they’re based on children’s or teen books. So it was a special treat to see these absolutely gorgeous cakes based on children’s and YA books. My top favorites are the cakes based … Continue reading

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Have you seen the house and furniture made of books?

Well, it’s not actually made of books–sculptor Livio de Marchi carved a house and furniture out of wood, making many of the pieces look like they’re made from books. The piece is called “House of Books No.1,” and is found … Continue reading

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Literary-themed ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s is considering creating a library-themed ice-cream flavour! How cool is that? What a great way to remind people every day about libraries and books…. And how did this get started? By a librarian and book-lover, of course. … Continue reading

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Songs Inspired by Children’s Books

Lisa Chellman pointed me in the direction of Artists for Literacy in the comments the other day. They have more than 300 songs inspired by books that you can search through. How cool is that? I love it! Apprently there’s … Continue reading

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book magic – paintings on the edge of book pages!

Check out this neat video that shows fore-edge painting on a book. It looks like magic, as the painting appears and disappears, according to how the book is held. I love it! Fore-edge painting is “where the page block is … Continue reading

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Book Collection Program review – All My Books by Bolidesoft

I like being able to keep track of the books I have. I have so many books, and a not-always stellar memory, that I sometimes can’t remember whether or not I already have a book I want when I go … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham edible lunch

I love edible book art–especially when it’s beautiful, or based on a children’s book. So this “Green Eggs and Ham” Bento box lunch created by Sakurako Kitsa is a feast for my eyes. (Not to mention that Green Eggs and … Continue reading

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