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Using Reading To Reignite Your Writing

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because even though I trained as an editor and a writer, I don’t always see the mistakes and typos in my own work. I think it’s easy, as a writer, to become … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Writing With Courage by YA author Mike Mullin

I’m happy to have Mike Mullin here today, talking about writing with courage. I love his post, and I’m honored by what he wrote. I believe Mike Mullin already has lots of writerly courage, and it’s something I like and … Continue reading

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Insecurity and the Fiction Writer

“My books aren’t good enough.” “My writing is crap.” “I’ll never…” I’ve thought those kinds of thoughts many times over the years about my writing–before I was published, and even after. I have always struggled with worrying that my writing … Continue reading

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Why Doubting Your Writing Can Be a Good Thing. Guest post by YA author Nelsa Roberto

Today YA writer Nelsa Roberto (author of Illegally Blonde and The Break) talks to us about doubting our own writing. Having self-doubt is something that a lot of writers struggle with, myself included. I go through doubt and worry for … Continue reading

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Writing is a form of therapy.

I love this quote. I think writing IS a form of therapy–or it can be. For me, when I write fiction and I give my characters happy endings, or justice where I never had any, where the abusers go to … Continue reading

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Guest Post by R J Palacio, author of YA novel Wonder

Today RJ Palacio, author of Wonder, will talk to us about her writing process and her road to publication. Take it away, RJ! Evolutionary Road I’m 48 years old, and Wonder is my first published book. When people hear that, … Continue reading

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Learning story structure from screenwriters

I’ve thought for several years now that screenwriting books teach story structure and plot more clearly, practically, and fully than many books for novelists, with more insight and in a way that works (though I’ve also learned a ton from … Continue reading

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call for established writers to read newbies and give blurbs when they like the work

It can be hard for a new writer to get a blurb from established writers, especially if they don’t personally know the writer, or have a friend or agent who has contacts. Or so I’ve heard. I haven’t tried yet, … Continue reading

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Where do authors get their ideas from?

People seem to ask this question all the time of authors. If that question interests you, check out M. J. Rose’s Backstory blog, where authors write about the things that sparked the ideas for their books. If you’re an author, … Continue reading

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A title change for my first YA novel already :)

I started excitedly telling people about my new (and first) YA hi-lo novel to be published, Brom’s Quest, in the Dragon Speaker series, and I’d have people say “What? Brom?”. That made me realize that maybe Brom’s Quest wasn’t the … Continue reading

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