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Ever wonder if book trailers make a difference?

I have. Especially since I have a book trailer for my YA novel Scars. My thinking was that a book trailer can help make the book–the title or the author or both–familiar to potential readers. I didn’t know, though, if … Continue reading

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Sue Corbett’s book trailer impressed me

I love well-made book trailers, and I think Sue Corbett’s book trailer for her new book The Last Newspaper Boy in America is beautifully made. It looks and sounds professional, and it drew me in, making me want to read … Continue reading

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another great YA book trailer – Candor by Pam Bachorz

Here’s another great YA book trailer. At least, I think it’s great–and effective; the trailer got me interested in the book. What do you think? It’s for Candor by Pam Bachorz (Edgemont). I also think that Pam’s “Spread the Word” … Continue reading

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New book trailer business on the scene

Julie Schoerke, a fantastic independent book publicist, is expanding her company to create book trailers for authors. She’s teaming up with UcasTV to create professional-grade book trailers at affordable rates. A 90-second trailer like the one Julie created for Susan … Continue reading

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