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STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

SCARS book cover

Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself--before it's too late.

Awards: #1 in the Top 10 ALA Quick Picks, ALA's Rainbow List, a Governor General Literary Award Finalist, Staff Pick for Teaching Tolerance.

Yes, it's my own arm on the cover of SCARS.

HUNTED book cover

Caitlyn, a telepath in a world where having any paranormal power at all can kill her, must decide between saving herself or saving the world.

Awards: A finalist for the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award.


Kate sees visions of the future--but only when she has an asthma attack. When she "sees" her sister being beaten, and a schoolmate killing herself, Kate must trigger more attacks--but that could kill her.

Awards: 2013 Gold Winner, Wise Bear Digital Awards, YA Paranormal category.

STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

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Snowboard Alley

Race down the hill while avoiding trees, boulders and danger signs as you try for a top ten score. The keys may seem awkward at first, but when you get used to them, it's loads of fun! One of my favourite games.

Use the A, D, S, W or J, L, I, K keys to move left and right, up and down. Avoid trees, snow balls, and danger signs; if you hit one of these, you will lose one of your snowboarders. You have only 3 snowboarders per run. Reach the double flag gates for extra points.

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Balloon Pop Word Game

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Try to guess the word by clicking on letters below. If you think you know the word, click on the right letters at the bottom; you don't lose a balloon when you guess the right letter.

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There's always another way to look at things. These brain teasers can help remind you of that. Loads of fun! Try one; you might be amazed at how you can get out of the way of your mind to solve one. :)

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Robix is a game of pure logic and strategy as you try to push rows of blocks right or left in an effort to get 10 of your green marbles to the bottom before your computer opponent can.

Click on the arrows to move the rows right or left, to allow your marbles to fall to the bottom before the computer's.

The Roman Coliseum Jigsaw Puzzle

Be the fastest on the Internet to put together the Roman Coliseum jigsaw puzzle.

Click on and drag the puzzle pieces to put them in place. They will lock together if they are placed correctly.

Musical Piano

Not exactly a game, but it is fun. Play the keys of a mini piano and make some music for your heart by clicking on the piano keys.

Dog Bones

Dog Bone is a game in which you try to help Rover find his missing buried bones in his back yard. Rover wags his tale appreciatively every time you find one of his bones.

Try to find Rover's bones in the least amount of moves (holes that you dig) as you can make.

No Dunks

Make some baskets with this fun basketball game.

Click on the ball and drag to aim. After you get a basket, click on the ball to get it to start again. Click speaker to turn sound on or off.

Game does not work in Netscape 6.1!

Paddle Bricks

Keep hitting the ball with your paddle until you've gotten rid of all the bricks. Another very small board game.

Use your mouse to move the paddle back and forth.

Desk Drop Jr.

Desk Drop is a fast-paced game where the object is to match up three similar objects by moving and rotating them as they drop from the top of the game board. Quick thinking and strategy is a must.

Try to match up three similar objects by using the A, D, or J, L, keys to move left and right, S or K to rotate vertically, and the spacebar to drop.