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STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

SCARS book cover

Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself--before it's too late.

Awards: #1 in the Top 10 ALA Quick Picks, ALA's Rainbow List, a Governor General Literary Award Finalist, Staff Pick for Teaching Tolerance.

Yes, it's my own arm on the cover of SCARS.

HUNTED book cover

Caitlyn, a telepath in a world where having any paranormal power at all can kill her, must decide between saving herself or saving the world.

Awards: A finalist for the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award.


Kate sees visions of the future--but only when she has an asthma attack. When she "sees" her sister being beaten, and a schoolmate killing herself, Kate must trigger more attacks--but that could kill her.

Awards: 2013 Gold Winner, Wise Bear Digital Awards, YA Paranormal category.

STAINED book cover

Sarah, a teen with a port-wine stain and body image issues, is abducted, and must find a way to rescue herself.

“Powerful. I raced through it, wanting to know if Sarah would find a way to escape both her captor and her self-doubts. A real nail-biter!“
- April Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

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Healing and Inspiring Links

We all need things that make us feel good. I hope some of the links here will bring you some good feeling or help you feel validated.

Comfort, Nurturance, and Soul Food   |   Inspiration   |   Inspirational Quotes   |   Girl-positive, Women-positive   |   Creativity   |   Fun for Young People and Inner Children   |   Womyn's Music   |   Lesbian   |   Feminist   |   For Women   |   Healing   |   Self-Esteem   |   Body Image and Body Acceptance   |   Eating Disorders   |   Domestic Abuse   |   Incest and Sexual Abuse   |   Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse   |   Ritual Abuse   |   Multiplicity/DID   |   Self-Harm   |   Grounding and Keeping Safe   |   Addictions   |   Bullying   |   Suicide   |   Sites for the Soul   |   More Fun   |   Free Screensavers   |   Free eCards   |   Gifts for Women   |   Make a Difference   |   Resources for Book Lovers   |   Support   |   General   |   Resources For Teen Writers

Comfort, Nurturance, and Soul Food

For the Little Ones Inside
A wonderfully healing, loving site. The cards by Robyn are so wise, nurturing, and loving; they move me when I read them, and echo the wise parts inside of me. And there is so much more there to explore! Robyn now has a book out: "Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe To Go" with stories that give the background to each of the wise cards, and you can find many of those stories on her website through "Pathways" or "TaleFinder" as Robyn talks openly and bravely about her past and her process of healing. She also has a new site Compassionate Ink

Margie Adam, songwriter
Need some inspiring, soothing, nurturing, playful, soul-lifting music? Check out Margie Adam's site. She has sound clips to her beautiful music (click on "The Avalon Project"). Some of my favourites when I'm feeling in need of comfort are Beautiful Soul, Sweet Friend of Mine, and Tender Lady, (from her album The Best of Margie Adam) ...and when I need some light and playfulness, Would You Like to Tapdance on the Moon? just hits the spot. And her song Best Friend - The Unicorn Song really speaks to me as well. Of course, there's much more to look at here. If you've never heard her sing, check out her site!

Planet Sark
Do you like Sark's artwork and books? (I love the colours she uses and the things she says! She's so affirming!) Then check out her site. You can read up on SARK, buy her work, and post on the very supportive, encouraging bulletin board. She also has a section for beginning writers.

Verbal Remedies
Verbal remedies has some really good reminders for us all -- like "speak your truth," and "have the courage to be vulnerable" told through beautiful, colourful art, and some good indepth articles.

Our Simple Joys
Ruby shares her wonderful articles for everyone to read. Check out especially her articles for emotional well-being, and her inspirational articles.

Sachi's Art
Much of Sachi's art just speaks comfort to me. Her art is based on Hawaii. Check out especially Aquatot (a child swimming naked and free through the water with a turtle), and Mantees (a mantee momma and her two babies, so sweet).

Inspirational Quotes
A short but nice collection of inspirational quotes.

Believe In Your Heart
A beautiful poem to remind us all to believe and trust in ourselves, and notice the beauty around us.

How to Love Yourself, article
An article by Louise Hay has some good reminders about how to love yourself.

The Calm Centre
There are lots of articles, suggestions, and information here about how to find calm and relax.

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Feed Your Optimism
A site with many articles, quotes, and links on inspiration and optimism.

This site offers inspirational articles, ebooks, an e-newsletter, and a discussion forum.

Roots and Wings
Check out the whimsical, joyful, life-affirming art at this beautiful site by Canadian artist Kim McKellar. Her delight-filled work will make you smile. You can also send some ecards of her work.

Good News Network
Read some good, uplifting news for a change! I especially liked the "life" section, where there are more personal stories of making change.

Giraffe Heroes
Read about different Giraffe Heroes - people, both young and old, and from many races, religions and backgrounds, who stuck their necks out for the common good. (Click on the suitcase, then on "Profiles of Giraffe Heroes" to read about some of the stories.)
Rutts ... get out of them! Reverse negative thinking with affirmations. A wonderful site all about affirmations, and using them to reverse negative thinking patterns. Check out the Affirmation A Day, sign up to receive affirmations through email, and read up on why you might want to use affirmations, A great site!

Dr. Bissell
Dr. Bissell has some inspiring, thoughtful articles that are easy to read.
Positive, optimistic, inspiring news news for all ages.
This site is all about the power of "Why Not?" There are some inspiring life stories of people who said "why not?" and used that to help them reach their goals, an art gallery, selection of poetry, a selection of inspiring and motivating books, and more.

Wise Hearts
Weaving small wisdoms through the fabric of life. A site with original poetry, daily inspirations (sign up for the newsletter), and quotes.

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Inspirational Quotes

Inspiration Peak
Inspiration Peak has a multitude of inspirational quotes organized in easy-to-find sections - courage, joy, kindness, dreams, and more. There are also some inspirational stories. Some beautiful quotes here!
Possibly the largest creative and inspirational quote archive on the internet, this site has a lot of inspirational, creative quotes and ecards organized in many different sections, including creative quotations by creative women.

Daily Celebrations
Life is a celebration of passionate colors. This site features a theme (such as love, dreams, courage) and a person from history who accomplished that theme, every day. You can view all the past themes in the archives, and sign up for the free newsletter.

Follow Your Dreams
Lots to inspire, here! There are LOTS of inspirational quotations from dreamers throughout history, inspirational fine art ecards, and daily inspirational quotes.

Alpha Medly
Finding the Music In Words. There are some very beautiful, moving quotes here. You can tell the quotes are hand-picked. A great site.
This site has lots of motivational quotes, stories, articles, and poems. If you're into motivation, check this site out. You can also sign up for daily motivational quotes.

Quotations for Inspiration
There are some beautiful, touching quotes and poems here that will open up your heart. There are different sections to find quotes in; two of my favourites are "children" and "friendship." A nice site.
Meditation quote of the day. Read the meditation quote of the day, or download a collection of the past meditation quotes in one of the ebooks. You can also pick a meditation tarot card (both fun and insightful, if you allow it to be. :) You can also sign up for a meditation tip of the week, read up on meditation, and more.
A beautiful blend of inspiring quotes and art. You can also send ecards and download some free screensavers.

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Girl-positive, Women-positive

New Moon Magazine: For Girls and Their Dreams
A very affirming, girl-positive magazine for girls. They don't have the kind of crap you see in mainstream magazines - nothing about fashion or models or boysboysboys though they definitely cater to girls. This is a magazine for girls who have depth...a thinking, feeling, soulful magazine.

They also have a nice newsletter for parents of girls, and have some of their articles online, including "If She Thinks She's Lesbian" (basically telling the parent to accept it and support their child).

About Face
"About-Face promotes positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach, and activism." A great site that helps girls and women combat negative images of women in the media, and helps them get involved.

"Where every girl is cool." They have lots of good, thoughtful information and articles here, as well as areas where teens can write in, play games, and more. See especially their life section, where they have tidbits on "emotional bombs," "being yourself," and more.
This site has tons of thought-provoking information, incorporated in their section on labels, and in their newsletter, boards where girls can talk, polls, and more. Great graphics, and nicely laid-out site.

Girls Inc
"Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold." This site is full of resources, articles, games, and information to help inspire girls and share strengths and information. They help girls confront subtle societal messages about their value and potential.

TeenVoices Online
"Because you're more than just a pretty face." A great zine for teen girls that offers thought-provoking information and articles; critiques of ads that distort images of girls (as well as ones that are more positive); book and music reviews, and more.

Eve Mag
A wonderful teen magazine for girls who have depth and intelligence, and who know they can do more than just apply make-up and idolize celebrities.

Sticker Sisters
A site that sells products with positive messages for girls. Some of the products include shoelaces, buttons, pens, stickers, and magnets, with sayings such as "girl power," "girls can do anything," and more.

Smart Girl
Smart Girl is a site where girls get to be heard--by writing poetry or letters, expressing themselves in the forum, sharing thoughts, writing product reviews about practically anything, and taking surveys.

Empowering Books for Girls
A site with information for parents, teachers, and mentors of girls, and for girls themselves, on inspiring and empowering girls. There is a good article for parents and mentors on empowering girls, daily empowering quotes for girls, and a newsletter. The site also showcases Catherine Dee's books.

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A very nice site all about journalling for personal growth. Discover more about yourself and your dreams and needs through journalling. This site offers lots of articles and ideas to get you started, and shows how you can increase your personal growth through journaling (see the section under healing). There's also a free newsletter you can sign up for.

Live Your Creative Vision
A site by Kay Marie Porterfield that nurtures and encourages creativity, and talks about the importance of being creative.

Tera's Wish
Tera has some great ideas on opening yourself up to your creativity, and combines this with some deeper philosophy. She has some great stuff here; she strongly believes in each of us doing what makes us most happy.
Open up your creativity and get inspired with the beautiful artwork by Melissa A. Robinson. Stretch your imagination...and dream. :)

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Fun for Young People and Inner Children

Two Sides To Every Story
The kids in me just love this little story, because they DO remember how to play. It feels (to us) totally validating of kid parts inside (and their importance).

The Land of Cyke (Cyber Knowledge and Emotion)
A really nice, positive site for kids using FUN games to learn about emotions. Visit the Adventure Station to play some games and learn about anger, drepression, and worry (try the depression game - helping Sandy learn to believe in herself) and the music hall at Castle Fairhope for different kinds of music that go with different emotions....and much more! Interactive and fun.

New Moon Magazine: For Girls and Their Dreams
A very affirming, girl-positive magazine for girls. They don't have the kind of crap you see in mainstream magazines - nothing about fashion or models or boysboysboys though they definitely cater to girls. This is a magazine for girls who have depth...a thinking, feeling, soulful magazine.

They also have a nice newsletter for parents of girls, and have some of their articles online, including "If She Thinks She's Lesbian" (basically telling the parent to accept it and support their child).

Ice Cream Sender
Have loads of fun making a virtual ice cream cone, complete with toppings - and then "eat" it, or send it to a friend. Read what they say each topping and flavour is supposedly for (but don't take it too seriously). We had lots of fun "eating" our icecream cone!

ManyLittles - WeRMany chatroom
"#ManyLittles" is a safe, fun place for "littles" to talk to each other, hang out, play, see stories, play wavs and popups, and have a good time. Join through an irc client like Dalnet, #ManyLittles.

Rose Is Rose
Rose Is Rose is one of my favourite comic strips. There is so much love, joy, and wonder in the strip, as well as alter ego parts that, as a multiple (DID) I identify with. I love this strip!! This link to Rose Is Rose at United Media shows 30 days of strips at a time (and is updated with a new one each day).

Orb Factory - cool toys to fiddle with
The Orb Factory offers cool toys to fiddle with. I like to keep my hands busy when I'm nervous; it helps keep me centred. I've long searched for the perfect fiddle toy that wouldn't fall apart, and was easy to use. I found the perfect fiddle toy (or work-off-nervous-energy toy) made by the Orb Factory -- their wire transformer toys. The orb factory ships to stores all over the world, so chances are that you'll find some of their toys in a store near you.

Family Crafts at
Lots of craft ideas (and instructions) to make some nice gifts for the ones you love. Look at the links on the left hand side to find the kinds of gifts you might want to make.

Billy Bear 4 Kids Print and Send Cards
Greeting cards you can print and mail - for kids!

Ever cool! Etch-a-sketch online, just like the real thing! heeeeheeee

Elmo's Playground
Has some free Sesame Street backgrounds and screensavers for kids. The focus is on Elmo, but there is one background of most of the Sesame Street gang.

Make Your Own Bubbles!
Never run out of bubbles. :) Make your own. Includes four different bubble recipes. Here's another bubble recipe!

Sesame Street Workshop
This is a wonderful site for Sesame Street fans! There are loads of interactive games, stories, and activities. You can send some Sesame Street ecards, and receive mail from your favourite Sesame Street character.

Like Dr. Seuss? Then you'll love Seussville! There are TONS of neat games all based on different Dr. Seuss books. A great site!

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Womyn's Music

Libby Roderick
Libby Roderick composes songs that are healing, strengthening, and political. See especially the lyrics for her song "How Could Anyone?", a beautiful song of healing for survivors and anyone who's been told that they were less than beautiful.

Cris Williamson
Cris' music is well-known and loved in the womyn's community, most especially for her beautiful, healing, and soothing album The Changer and the Changed. Her site has some photos, lyrics from her upcoming album, concert dates and times, some journal entries from on the road, and her email address.

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson combines humour and politics in her stirring folk womyn's music. Her lyrics are openly lesbian. Check out her photos of audiences - one half, then the other half. :)

Sweet Honey In the Rock
Sweet Honey in the Rock lists their concert schedules and information about the individual members.

Lucie Blue Tremblay
The site loads with a personal voice greeting by Lucie Blue herself. There are sound clips for her new album, "Because of You," a list of concert times and places, and a bio. The site is very tastefully done.

Tret Fure
Tret has a monthly online greeting (she wrote a song about Sept. 11), some of her lyrics (with an explanation about each song), and concert dates. The pieces she writes about each song (and her monthly greeting) give her site a personal feel.

An excellent resource to buy womyn's, lesbian, feminist, and alternative music. You can listen to sound clips online to decide whether or not you'd like to buy an artist's music, and can have the music shipped directly to you. A very needed resource.

Margie Adam
Margie Adam's music is soulful, deep, and healing. Her lyrics are beautiful and true, and her site is full of resources, and lyrics and sound clips for many of her albums. She also lists concert appearances and many resources. A not-to-be-missed site.

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Lesbian (also see Womyn's Music)

Lesbian Arts and Fun
I love this page. She has lots of clean fun - lesbian crosswords, word searches, mazes (shaped in triangles and a really cool one with the word dyke), word games, and more. She also offers lesbian colouring pages and lesbian web graphics.

Domestic Violence Among Lesbians
Some articles and information about partner abuse.
The exquisite Gay Lesbian Bi and Transgender search engine! If you are looking for queer links, resources, information, support or just fun, chances are that you'll find what you are looking for right here at PrideLinks!

A very comprehensive lesbian and gay search engine.

Suzanne Westenhoefer
The site of a fantastic, incredibly funny and dynamic lesbian comedian. You can email her there, look at some photos, and order her cds and video.

The site for PFlag - Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays. A good site for parents, families, or friends who need to feel supported and understood, or to gain some understanding about the lesbian or gay person in their life that they love.

Wolfe Video
They have a wide selection of lesbian and lesbian interest films available for purchase.
An extensive lesbian directory.

QueerComix on the Web
A great listing of some lesbian and gay comics, most of which can be found online. Some of the links don't work any more, or are outdated.

Gay & Lesbian Themed Comics
A short list with links of some lesbian/gay comics and graphic novels.

I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?
A very extensive listing of over 200 GLBTQ Childrens and teen books, as well as links and reviews. Recommended!

An extensive bibliography of Young Adult books for gay and lesbian readers.

GLBT-RT: Blog of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Round Table
Blog with great articles, resources, reviews and more of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans books for teens.

Lesbian Worlds (because it's a life, not a lifestyle)
There's lots here! They have sections on: coming out, exploring our sexuality, games and fun (a lesbian crossword puzzle, word magnets, jigsaw puzzle, and quiz), and more.

OutProud: Resources for Queer and Questioning Youth
Tons here! Coming out stories; a forum; online brochures (such as "Coming Out to Your Parents"); community role models; links to online resources; and much more.

Rainbow Hope
A forum for lesbian sexual abuse survivors to talk and connect with each other.

Top Ten: My Favorite Lesbian Movies
A listing and brief description of the author's Top 10 favorite lesbian movies. You might not agree with all of them (I didn't) but some of them are fantastic!

The New Lesbian Shopper
This site sells tons of lesbian resources: movies; books; music; magazines; posters; and more. Even if you don't want to buy something right away, it can be helpful to look over the resources.

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Lots of articles and anti-violence information.

Feminist Majority Foundation
Lots of resources here, including activist links, a research center, an online store, and a great search engine for feminist sites and resources (Feminist Internet Gateway).

Guerrilla Girls
A fantastic site that showcases the guerrilla girls' powerful and funny feminist art. What they say hits home, and yet also entertains. A site to definitely explore!

Adios Barbie
An excellent and inspiring site about body image. Good for everyone to see. and
Two excellent sites (one Canadian, one American) that are attempting to eliminate sexism and other forms of oppression from advertising.

About Face
"About-Face promotes positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach, and activism." A great site that helps girls and women combat negative images of women in the media, and helps them get involved.

An online feminist journal.

An online feminist zine that focuses on depiction of women and sexuality, particularly in the media. They have great, short, easy-to-read tidbits of information. Worth reading!

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For Women also see feminist, and most other links on this page!

Feminist Bookstore Index
An index of feminist bookstores. Find one close to you, one that mail orders, or when you travel. We need those bookstores! Don't forget to support them.
Search through a large directory of women-oriented resources online. A good place to look for women's sites!

300 Important Women Artists
View the powerful art of 300 women artists online, from medieval to modern times. If you want to read about the artists, there are links at the top of the main page that you can follow.

4000 Years of Women In Science
Think women are bad at science? Think again. This site documents some of the women who've made great contributions to science - even while facing conditioning that science is no place for women.

Real Women, Real Issues
A site and yahoo group that gives women of all races, creeds, sizes, and sexual preferences a voice. The site works to connect and empower women, and help each individual voice be heard. Women are encouraged to write letters to individuals and companies who discriminate and exploit women. There are also articles, poetry, quotes, links, and resources.

Woman Links
"A community of support, spirituality, growth, and empowerment for women." Articles, poetry, reviews, affirmations, chat, links, and more for women.

A site for the book, The WomanSource Catalog and Review, that pulls together tons of resources for and by women. The site offers some sample pages, and links to some great woman-oriented sites that you might not have discovered otherwise. Some of the links do not work any more, but there are still some good ones there.

Women Online Worldwide (WOW)
A site with an online newsletter, chat, message boards, ecards, weblinks, and a fun zone, all just for and relating to women.

Undeleting women's accomplishments. A listing of more than 40,000 pocket biographies of women and the events that shape women's lives, with a calendar of women's accomplishments, a library, a women's bible (commentary on the bible from a women's perspective), discovheries, and more.

Learn about menopause here in a humourous, easy-to-read way, and feel validated. Great cartoons and monthly column, too! :) Good for women of all ages to read, so they know what's in store.

Celebrating all women, especially women aged 45 to 105. Some good stuff here about recognizing that being older is something to celebrate.
A great directory of sites for, by and about women. Want to find women-friendly sites? This is a great place to start your search.
There are lots of resources here! Some good articles, information about books, music, movies, sports, and more from a woman's perspective, and a really neat online comic, The Adventures of Cybergrrl. You can view all the episodes up to the lastest, with a new one every two weeks. It comes in seven different languages.) Look under the fun section for the comic.

A Celebration of Women Writers
A wonderful site with lots of complete online texts of writing (fiction, poetry, biographies, letters, and more) by women writers (those in the public domain) as well as links to sites about women writers. If you love to read, check out this site!

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How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood: 12 Tips Joyce Marter, LCPC on Psych Central
Treating ourselves with compassion and love, allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, and acknowledging our feelings can all help. This article on Psych Central has some good wisdom in it.

Get Your Angries Out
A wonderful site about dealing with anger. This site has articles that are easy to read for both kids and adults...and lots of insight! Well worth the visit.

Kirtana's Healing Rain
Check out Kirtana's music. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are very beautiful and gentle, too. My two favourites are "Come Out" and "Healing Rain" from her album Healing Rain. Check out the sample clips.
Kali - a psychotherapist online - has so much that she offers - insightful, caring articles; self-quizzes; self-help tips; inspirational quotes and poetry; free ebooks; and a great link section. She incorporates issues for survivors of abuse (including ritual abuse), multiplicity, eating disorders, lesbians and gays, and much more. She also has an illuminating article about Sept. 11 and the effects on survivors. Check out her site.

Dr. Grohol's Psych Central
The oldest catalog of mental health links online, since 1995. There are TONS of resources here for a great number of issues. There are articles, quizzes, an incredible index of resources, a live chat, great links, and more.

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Affirmations for Survivors (CD & MP3 download)
Affirmations for Survivors by prolific artist Cassendre Xavier is available as an MP3 download or CD. You can preview the affirmations on the page. You may also be interested in her music, such as her album Beautiful.

A site with articles and ecards on self-esteem, as well as a forum.

More Self-Esteem
A site with lots of articles, tips, and links on self-esteem and self-confidence, and ways to increase your self-esteem (including using affirmations).

National Association for Self Esteem
A site with lots of resources on self esteem, including quotes, short articles (see self esteem booster), a quiz, products you can buy, pages for parents, and more. They also have a newsletter (obtained when you pay for a regular membership, currently $20) that tells readers about new self-esteem resources, research, and upcoming conferences.

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Body Image and Body Acceptance

Adios Barbie
An excellent and inspiring site about body image. Good for everyone to see.

An excellent site about weight discrimination. Includes lots of excellent articles and tidbits (including affirmations for size esteem), lists of recommended books and videos, and links to many other sites about size acceptance.

Boosting body image at any weight. Lots of thoughtful, insightful information and resources. A great site.

Voluptuart offers various woman-positive and body-positive products for sale, including sculpture, jewelry, paper, functional products (mugs, bowls, boxes, etc), and wall art. They also have some short articles, poetry, and quotes on positive self-image and self-esteem.

Women's Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting
A great site with ideas on how to not overeat, and how to love and accept the body you have. Refreshing. Especially encouraging and helpful are the suggestions on how to end body hatred and dieting.

Dove's Self-Esteem Fund
This site focuses on Dove's Self-Esteem Fund for Canadian girls and women. The fund is a long-term project meant to increase girls' and women's self-esteem and positive body image. The site has their TV and movie ad (a powerful and effective ad on beauty and positive body image), stats on body image, a discussion board, polls, and a page where Dove donates .25 cents to the fund for every friend the page is referred to.

I am Beautiful
A site that is trying to create a world where every woman and girl can proudly proclaim, "I Am Beautiful!" They offer a book, a film, seminars, and resources.

Rosemary's Notebook
A newsletter for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Based in Australia. "In a world besotted with "perfection", there are hundreds of thousands of women who feel they don't meet the "ideal" that is set by the media, the fashion industry and society. We feel we can make a difference."

Also by Rosemary, with a voice for women of different shapes, sizes, and ages:
BigIssuez - an enewsletter written by women, for women, that embraces the diversity of shapes, sizes, and ages that women take, and encourages self-esteem--with a focus on the plus-size woman.

Thin Quiz
Do you have a negative body image, or criticize your body? Many women do; our perceptions of our bodies can fluctuate dramatically. To help recognize symptoms of a negative mindset, review the checklist, then take the quiz.

Love Your Body
A site with information about things that negatively affect our body image, things we can do to promote positive body image, and some images of ads that are both positive and negative for body image. They also have love your body ecards. Created by the Now Foundation.

Finding a Positive Body Image
An article by Edel Jarboe on things you can do to obtain a positive body image.

Beyond the Body Betrayed
A great site with lots of inspiring and loving suggestions on loving your body, body image, building awareness of your body, and much more.

Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B
"Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B is an international group for every woman who's tired of being told what size she "should" be, when she can't get the clothes she needs for the size she is right now."

Body Image Health
"Promoting healthy body image." This site, created by Kathy Kater, a psychotherapist, has some good information and quotes about body image. There is a great section on myths and antidotes about body image. The site showcases her book about body image for parents: Real Kids Come In All Sizes.

Largely Positive
This site has a great section of myths/facts about weight, an article on self-esteem makeover, links, and a free online newsletter. It also sells its own publications on self-esteem and size.

Breaking Free From the Culture of Modeling
A site for teen girls that gets them thinking about WHERE their interest in modeling comes from, and WHAT it means in a social context. Some good, thought-provoking questions on this site. Also has a bi-weekly newsletter, a message board, questionnaire, and links.

Empowered Parents
A site with over 100 articles on eating disorders by author Abigail Natenshon. The information is meant for parents to help their children with body image, eating disorders, etc., but much of the information can be applied to oneself. See especially her articles on body image.

Finding Balance
A site with some thought-provoking questions, information about struggling with food, and ways to find balance.

Voices Not Bodies
An all-volunteer organization dedicated to eating disorders awareness and prevention education. They organize an annual candlelight vigil for eating disorder awareness in Washington, DC, and there are other vigils that occur throughout the US and in Canada.

"Because women should be allowed to have curves if they want to."
Curvolution is a site created by three talented women who encourage women to love and accept their bodies, through entertaining dance, music, and workshops.

"Your world, your size."
This site has a lot of information and resources on size acceptance, with articles, links, poetry, and more. Includes a chapter from Size Wise: A Catalog of More Than 1000 Resources for Living With Confidence and Comfort at Any Size.

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Eating Disorders

Something Fishy
A great site! LOTS of detailed information about eating disorders, the related issues (negative voices, self-hate, self-perception), signs and symptoms, healing, and ways to help. They also offer chat, bulletin boards, and an email newsletter, and articles and poetry by women who have experienced eating disorders. They make important connections between feeling awful about yourself (and reasons for that, such as sexual abuse) and eating disorders. A must see.

Mirror Mirror
A site that has good information on eating disorders, body image, self-harm, and links to helpful sites, including sites for survivors of abuse.

Nourishing Connections
A site to help people accept their bodies, stop dieting, heal eating problems, and focus on living. They provide articles, research, and a monthly e-zine.

National Eating Disorders Association
This site has tons of articles on eating disorders, offers a referral service, and puts on a yearly conference.

Pale Reflections
A site for anyone affected by eating disorders. They offer lots of articles, support through a chat room, lists of places you can get support (phone numbers, newsgroups, etc), a referral service to find a therapist, and a free newsletter.

Healthy Place
An online community for mental health, this site has forums and chat rooms on eating disorders, transcripts from conferences, articles, news stories, and clips from shows all on eating disorders.

Gurze Books
This site and publisher specializes in books (and newsletters) on eating disorders. They offer articles, links, and a newsletter, and on most pages they advertize their own books.

Eating Disorder Survival Guide for Parents
A free newsletter that offers support for parents and caregivers who have children with eating disorders.

Understanding Nutrition
Articles by Jessica. This link offers two articles related to eating disorders written by Jessica Setnick (Surviving the Holidays, Body, Mind and Spirit; and Reality Bites), and a number of resources on eating disorders. (Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center)
A site that offers valuable information for everyone about eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, and social messages that can lead to eating disorders. This is a great resource. They provide information about the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, and they promote social attitudes that enhance healthy body image and self-esteem. Includes extensive articles, links, and referrals to eating disorder specialists, facilities, and support groups at no charge.

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Domestic Abuse

HopeLine collects used cell phones through Verizon Wireless stores and through postage-paid envelopes in the mail, securely scrubs them, refurbishes them, and resells them, donating the profits to domestic violence organizations, or donates the refurbished phones to domestic violence organizations with 3000 anytime minutes. So if you have a used cell phone, this sounds like a good place to donate it. You can do something positive for domestic abuse survivors and the environment without it costing you anything.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
For victims in the US, this site has a hotline service, information about domestic violence, and statistics.

Silent Tears
An online support and referral group providing support to all victims of domestic abuse. This site offers extensive support, once you become a member: privately hosted support chats; a volunteer staff; three online programs, including one on self-esteem; a bi-weekly e-newsletter, safety plans, and a resource area.

Stop Abuse For Everyone
Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) is an organization that provides advocacy, publications, and training for victims of domestic violence that often are often overlooked by other services, especially straight men, gay men, lesbians, teens, the elderly, and immigrants.

Domestic Violence in Gay Couples
A long article on domestic violence in lesbian/gay relationships, written by Richard Niolon, Ph.D.

Domestic Violence in Gay Relationships
A very short article on lesbian/gay domestic violence from LAMBDA.

Animal Safehouse at Rancho Coastal Humane Society, San Diego
A unique, inspiring program in San Diego that provides temporary shelter for the pets of victims of domestic violence, allowing them to escape the violence sooner. (Many victims stay longer out of fear that their pet will be neglected, injured, or killed if they leave.) You can give a donation to them online using PayPal.

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Incest and Sexual Abuse

Strong at the Heart
Carolyn Lehman's site for her book on sexual abuse and incest. This site has lots of great resources for survivors (for teens and adults), including recommended sites, books (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), films, and organizations. There are also some great articles on how to help yourself or someone else who's been sexually abused. And readers of the book may be interested in reading more about the author, or reading her blog. Worth checking out!

Soul's Self-Help
Some nice articles and information on sexual abuse written and compiled by a sexual abuse survivor. See the link on the left for sexual abuse. She also has articles on multiplicity and dissociation, depression, anxiety, and a lot more. A very extensive site!

Articles at
Lots of good, insightful articles here relating to sexual abuse - including articles on trusting your memories, survivors and sex, and mother-daughter sexual abuse.

Recovery Canada
This site has a lot of forums where survivors can connect and know they are not alone, as well as lots of articles, books reviewed by survivors, a fun section (with music and a couple of games), and more.

The Survivor's Page
This site has lots of resources for survivors to connect with each other. There are writings, letters, and poetry by survivors; a newsgroup for survivors; a listing for survivors to connect with each other by email; an email list for partners, friends, and family members of survivors, and more.

Hope For Healing
A site with extensive resources on incest and other forms of abuse, including articles, online chats, an online newsletter, and more.

Searching for Angela Shelton
A site for the filmmaker, Angela Shelton, and her documentary Searching for Angela Shelton. "Filmmaker Angela Shelton sets out on a journey to meet every other Angela Shelton in America and through them survey the early 21st Century thoughts of American women. What she wasn’t prepared for was learning that, like herself, 24 out of 40 Angela Sheltons she spoke to had been raped, beaten or molested." The site has video clips and photos, information about how to order the film, as well as when and where it will be playing, articles and resources for survivors, a forum, and more.

Mothers Against Sexual Abuse
A site that works to prevent sexual abuse by increasing awareness, connecting survivors with resources, and working to change laws to protect children. They have many online resources, including an FAQ, signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, a children's bill of rights, articles, and links, as well as a members' section.

Girl Thrive
A site created by Dr. Patti Feuereisen for teen girls who are survivors of sexual abuse, who know a survivor, or who just want to know about sexual abuse. The site contains some good information on sexual abuse, ways survivors cope, how to get help, stories from teen survivors, and a section where teens can write to an expert. On most pages, there is a reminder that sexual abuse is never the survivor's fault. View in IE.

Ideas for Coping With Flashbacks
Some great suggestions and reminders here! A very good article to read.

Child Sexual Abuse - Myths & Facts
A good set of myths and facts about sexual abuse.

Parents and Loved Ones of Sexual Abuse and Rape Survivors
An excellent, informative, healing site! Send your families and friends here. Especially nice is the section on "What Adult Survivors Would Like You To Know" and how to help the survivor in your life (resist seeing them as a victim, educate yourself).

"Helping hands...providing hope."
This site for survivors of incest and sexual abuse provides resources, information, chat programs, online peer support, and email support lists. They also provide recycled computer equipment to abuse survivors who are unable to afford it.

Help For Victims of Child Abuse
This site has TONS of articles and information on various types of child abuse, including ritual abuse, and a newsletter. There is extensive information on various feelings, ways of coping, effects, ways of healing, and more.

The Abuse Network Survivor Aid Links
A site that lists many links to other sites for survivors of abuse.

Survivors' Treehouse
A site that offers support for survivors of abuse and trauma, through articles, links, forums, and chat.

Pandora's Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse
A site created by Dr. Nancy Faulkner with more than 250 pages on sexual abuse and abuse prevention. There are articles, book reviews, conferences, research, in the news, thought for the day, and much more.

Gift From Within
A site for those who experience post-traumatic stress disorder (many survivors do). The site has an email/pen pal list, a Q & A, book reviews, poetry and art by survivors, and more. Some information may be triggering.

The Rape Cantata by Will Pitts
Will Pitts, a survivor of sexual abuse, has created some beautiful and moving music based on poetry written by other survivors. You can hear the music at his site, by going to the link above, and then clicking on one of the titles under "Rape Cantata". Warning: Some of the language is graphic, and may be triggering. As well, some of the poems may seem despairing, or to give ideas that everything is awful and will never get better (such as "Growing Up")--but if you listen a little longer, you will find movement through that pain.

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Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse

Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse: A Painful Topic
Kali has a very thorough, insightful, helpful article on mother-daughter sexual abuse.

Making Daughters Safe Again
Support for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse. A site that has some excellent, thoughtful information, including a very good intro that dispels common myths, a section for partners and friends, recommended readings and more. There's also a section where members showcase their poetry and art, which can be both validating and triggering. A good site to visit.

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Ritual Abuse

Persons Against Ritual Abuse - Torture
A site with lots of information, articles, and resources on ritual abuse-torture. They also conduct research on ritual abuse-torture, and do activism to help stop ritual abuse-torture. Some information may be triggering.

S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Today)
A site with tons of information on ritual abuse, put out by an organization that works to stop ritual abuse, and help survivors, through education. They have online articles, a bimonthly newsletter, an e-mail discussion list, and transcripts of their annual conferences. Some information may be triggering. They also have a short, but pretty good, definition of ritual abuse.

Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force
One of the best, most comprehensive definitions on ritual abuse that I have ever read. Also goes into some detail of various forms of abuse, torture, and mind control that many cults use. There is a lot here that can be triggering.

The Greenbaum Speech (or Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse)
A speech about ritual abuse and programming. It mainly focuses on one series of programming, but is instructive and can be validating. A helpful starting place about programming. Can also be very TRIGGERING. Stay safe when reading it.

Ideas for Coping With Flashbacks
Some great suggestions and reminders here! A very good article to read.

Morning Come Quickly
The site by author Wanda Karriker for her book Morning Come Quickly--a novel about a psychologist who works with trauma survivors, many with multiple personalities, and starts dealing with incest, ritual abuse, child pornography, and mind control. You can read chapter one online, as well as excerpts and reader comments, and there are links to sites for ritual abuse survivors and multiples. There is also a downloadable packet for survivors and professionals of (US) government-funded mind control and medical experimentation conducted during the Cold War.

Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Recovery
This site has a section of articles on ritual abuse and mind control, and some news articles on the subjects.

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing
A site with articles, links, and tips on what to do during flashbacks, as well as art and poetry created by survivors.

The Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force
A fantastic site on ritual abuse that helps to debunk myths, educate about ritual abuse, and help provide resources and information.

Wings of Fire
A site with tons of articles on ritual abuse, multiplicity, healing resources, inspiration, and much, much more.

Ritual Abuse Network Scotland
This site has articles, a newsletter, a forum, an information section, and more.

MPD/DID, Ritual Abuse, and the alleged "False Memory Syndrome" by the Inner Family
A good article debunking FMS.

Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces
An article about ritual abuse that mentions some of the evidence that has been found - can be very TRIGGERING. Remember to stop reading when it's too much. The article also mentions some of the lyrics from Play Me Backwards, a song about Satanic ritual abuse by Joan Baez.

A print and online newsletter for ritual abuse, torture, and mind control survivors, and multiples. They have some really good information in the FAQ (including a link to a reprogramming sheet), some great stuff in helpful pages for recovery (look at the links on the bottom of the home page), and some art and poetry up by survivors. They also have the full text up of Reasons Not To Kill Yourself. To access the discussion boards and online newsletter, you'll need to become a paying member.

Mr. Light & Associates
A site for survivors of ritual abuse and severe trauma, to advocate for survivors, provide information and resources, and educate professionals on related issues.

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Dispelling Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID/MPD)
A great article with some myths about DID/MPD including that DID is like sensationalist movies or shows.

Poly-Fragmented Multiplicity
by Sara Lambert
A good, informative article about poly-fragmented multiplicity - a very common form of multiplicity, especially with ritual abuse survivors, but not as commonly known (or at least not as publicized in the media). If you have lots of parts and fragments inside, this is good to read (for validation)!

DID/MPD online forum at Psych Forums
An online forum for people with multliplicity/DID. I've never tried it, but it's a possible resource.

Shattered Selves written by a multiple
There is a lot of good information here, and some that may help you explain multiplicity and the continuum of dissociation to a friend or loved one. There is a focus or leaning toward multiples who lose time (as opposed to those who are co-conscious), but there is stuff that will fit all.

"Dissociative Identity Disorder" by Rachel Kaplan.
A good overview of DID/MPD written for therapists. There are also some articles linked at the bottom.

TWCrew's Den: MPD and DID Resources and Insights
A personal site that has a lot about ritual abuse, multiplicity/DID, and self-harm. Although I don't agree that DID is a disorder, I like what she says. She has good, common sense, healing things to say, like listen to parts inside (inner communication).

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What To Do When You Feel Like Harming Yourself (by Cheryl Rainfield, author of SCARS, STAINED)
A detailed article on things that helped me to stop self-harming and keep safe.

How To Stop Self-Harming (by author Cheryl Rainfield)
These are the things that helped me stop self-harming; I hope they'll help you, too.

Alternatives To Self-Harm (by author Cheryl Rainfield)
You don't deserve to be hurt--not by anyone, not even yourself. Here are some alternatives to self-harm that may help you (they helped me). If you can use positive distraction, you may find it helps you.

Helpful Responses To Someone Who's Self-Harmed (by author Cheryl Rainfield)
Often people don't know how to respond--what to say or do--when they find out a friend, child, or loved one has been using self-harm to cope. Here are some suggestions from Cheryl Rainfield, who used self-harm to cope for many years.

Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself (by author Cheryl Rainfield)
A heartfelt list of reasons not to hurt yourself by Cheryl Rainfield, author of SCARS. These are the things that helped me. I hope they'll help you, too.

Crisis HotLines - Phone and Online

  • National Youth Crisis HotLine   1-800-448-4663

  • Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network(RAINN)   1-800-656-HOPE

  • The Trevor Project. Crisis & suicide prevention support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth   1-866-4-u-trevor (1-888-488-7386)

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender National Center   1-888-843-4564

  • Suicide Help Line   1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

  • Girls & Boys Town (24/7, USA)

  • Youth America Hotline (24/7)   1-877-968-8454
  • KidsHelpPhone   1-800-668-6868

  • Toronto Rape Crisis Center/Multicultural Women Against Rape   416-597-8808
    Email:  (M-F, 9:30am-5pm)

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Youthline   1-800-268-9688
  • ChildLine: Helpline for children and young people   0800 1111

  • Self-Injury Helpline (Fri-Sat 9pm-12:30am, Sun 6-9pm)   0117 925 1119

  • The Samaritans (Suicide helpline, 24/7)   http://www.samaritans,   08457 90 90 90

Healing the Scars: The Orange Ribbon Project
Wear or pass out self-injury ribbons or bracelets to increase awareness. You can order self-harm ribbons and bracelets from this site. The ribbons & bracelets are free, but donations are appreciated, especially because it is one individual doing this.

Healing Self-Injury
Blog with information and articles about self-injury. Houses past issues of The Cutting Edge, newsletter on self-harm that is no longer being published.

This site has some good information written as booklets that you can download and read, or open up online to read, with an explanation of why people self-harm, how to tell people about it, how to take care of your body after self-harm, and ideas about ways to prevent or put off self-harm acts. Some of the information may be triggering.

Self-Injury: A Struggle
This site has some good information on self-harm and resources, a message board, and a section on famous people who have used self-harm to cope (which is meant to show us we are not alone, not to idolize the stars). Please note that there are many sections here which can be very TRIGGERING, especially the section of artwork and poetry by people who have self-harmed.

Self-Harm: Recovery, Advice, & Support
A site for teens and children who self-harm, though there's some good information here for anyone who hurts themselves.

A section from TWCrew's Den
A short but good section on self-harm, below the part about multiplicity/DID.

Mollykat's Things to Try to Keep Yourself Safe
An excellent page of suggestions to try to keep yourself safe and not hurt yourself. You can tell she's been there. Very helpful page.

Self-Inflicted Violence: Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves by Tracy Alderman, Ph.D
A good article for families and friends on self-harm. Introductory but somewhat in depth.

Secret Shame: Self-Injury Information and Support
There is a LOT of good information here; it's a very dense site. Take it slowly, and use what works for you. There's some nice stuff in her section about living with self-injury, and a section for family and friends to read. A nice place to get some validation and insight, and to help educate others. The first place I'd go to about self-harm.

Healing the Hurt Within by Jan Sutton
Need more information on self-harm? You might want to consider getting Healing the Hurt Within. It's an informative, sensitive book on self-harm written by Jan Sutton, who has a great site on self-harm ( Healing the Hurt Within has a lot of insight and depth. Sutton clearly understands that there are many reasons that people use self-harm, and that many survivors of abuse use or have used self-harm to cope or to hurt/punish themselves. This is a good book to help bring greater understanding on a painful issue.

Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) - March 1, worldwide
Includes things you can do to increase awareness about self-harm; downloadable fact sheets and posters; ebook on self-harm; a message board; Facebook page; e-newsletter; and more.

Recover Your Life
Online self-harm support community featuring articles; forums; chat & live help (24/7); & more.

National Self Harm Network (UK based, open to people worldwide)
A site that supports survivors and people who self-harm. There is a great article on myths about self-harm, online forums for survivors, and separate ones for family and friends, and some literature you can download. They're currently redesigning their site, but their forum is still active, and they still have PDF downloads available explaining self-harm; family & friends: what to do and what not to do; distractions; & more.

Alternatives to Self Injury
Tons of alternatives to help you not self-harm. Has some excellent, practical, down-to-earth suggestions from someone who understands. (However, the support board is closed.)

Self Injury Foundation
There's some truly helpful, great information here on self-harm, including a fantastic article on how crisis and hotline staff can respond in *helpful* ways to people who self-harm. I think the article applies to doctors and hospitals as well. They also have excellent Q & A for self-injurers; parents and family; friends; resources; and more.

Self-Injury Foundation is a non-profit organization, and one of their goals is to obtain donations/grant money to develop a 24/7 crisis line for self-injurers. That would be an incredibly useful and helpful resource, so if you can donate or help to spread the word, please do!

Questions about Self-Injury? You can phone 1-800-DONTCUT in the US, or email This is not crisis support, but they will answer questions.

For crisis hotlines, see here.

SIARI - Self Harm & Related Issues
Jan Sutton's site on self-harm, with LOTS of articles, links, resources, and more, including a support board for people who self-harm, and a support group for helpers. The author, Jan Sutton, also provides detailed articles on self-harm, excerpted from her books. She also has a new, revised version of her book called Healing the Hurt Within.

Self Injury: Family and Friends
A great page to give to friends and family about self-harm. I loved the section about what not to say and why. :)

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Grounding and Keeping Safe (keeping yourself in the present and connected to yourself)

How To Create Positive Emotions.
If you're having a hard time, this article by Toronto psychotherapist Jo-Anne Beggs may help you shift your mood into a more positive one.

10 Ways To Reduce Stress, Distress, or Manage Crisis (Without Doing Anything To Make It Worse)
If you're in crisis or having a hard time, using distraction can be a positive way to help you cope. This article by Toronto psychotherapist Jo-Anne Beggs gives concrete techniques you can use to help you through a crisis or hard time. Highly recommended.

Staying Safe - from Mosaic Minds
Suggestions for what to do to ground when you're feeling triggered, and an explanation of being triggered.

Safe Place: Visualization for Containment and Grounding
An explanation of what to use in visualizing a safe place, and how to visualize one.

Association: The Key To Recovery by Sara Lambert
Note: You can find this article through the main page under "Library Topics" then "DID and Healing." An excellent, informative article on how to make a connection between an event and your reaction (a trigger). The article has clear, practical suggestions and methods on figuring out (in a detailed way) why you feel the way you do when you're triggered.

Ideas to Facilitate Grounding
Some good suggestions and reminders.

Grounding Techniques by Pat Stubbs
Another set of ideas on ways to ground.

Grounding Techniques
Some more grounding techniques in the Staying Safe section of Mosaic Minds.

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Addiction Prevention Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources by Educator Labs
Lesson plans for teachers and librarians on addiction prevention from a group of school librarians and media specialists.

Drug Prevention 4 Teens
A booklet on drug prevention for teens.

Grant Me The Serenity: Self Help, Addiction, and Recovery
A site with extensive links to websites, articles, and more for survivors, people in recovery, people who experience anxiety, and their supporters.

Recovery Resource Links
A large list of recovery sites, listed by subject, including abuse, emotions, depression, and lesbian issues.

Powerfully Recovered - Link Directory
A huge list of recovery sites and resources, including links for self-help, suicide, lesbian and gay issues, and more.

Lesbian Friends in Recovery
A supportive site for lesbians in recovery. They have extensive information on many issues, including self-harm and abuse, and offer clubs, a chat, and an e-list.

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Bullying Awareness Network
This Canadian site is created for youth by youth. Although the home page is a little dry and stuffy, the other sections are helpful, informative, and poignant. There's an "about bullying" section which includes Cyber Bullying, articles for youth, parents, and educators (under education), a news section, and links.

The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute
This site has a huge amount of helpful articles and research on bullying (see self-help link), including "You Know You're Being Bullied When... (the Warning Signs)," "Who Gets Targeted (or Why Me?)," "Why Bullies Bully," and more. Some of the articles are excerpts from the authors' book The Bully At Work. There's also a brochure you can download, research to read, links to click on, and more. Informative, in-depth information and site.

Stop Bullying Now
A great child-friendly site on bullying, that is easy to read, encourages people to stop bullying and support each other. (take a stand, lend a hand) There are cartoon webisodes you can watch on bullying (with animal characters instead of people and skin colours); short, effective articles on bullying and what you can do; letter of the month section; tips for kids; a game section; a section for adults with helpful articles on bullying, and things adults can do to help; a section on additional resources (including books, multi-media, etc); and more. This site is easy to use, friendly, and supportive.

Bullying Online
Being bullied at school? Know someone who is? You can get help from this site. There are TONS of short articles on this site about bullying for students, parents, and schools. There is some good advice here. They outline what bullying is, and give you some ideas about how to respond. They also briefly address homophobic bullying. If, after reading the articles, you still need help or someone to listen to you, you can email the people at Bullying Online.

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Crisis lines that you can call, text, or email if you need support
If you're in crisis or having a hard time, it can help to talk it out. These support lines can help you. You can call, text, or email them: TeenLine
Distress Centre
Crisis Text Line lists a lot of online and phone helplines
live chat with RAINN. You can also phone them. They're especially good with survivors of rape, incest, and abuse.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA)
This site has a lot of helpful resources, including getting help for yourself, links to help others online (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr etc) if they've talked about suicide, stories of hope and recovery, and more.

It Gets Better video by author Cheryl Rainfield.
A heartfelt video by Cheryl Rainfield, author of SCARS and STAINED. I was abused and tortured as a child and teen, bullied at school, dealt with homophobia. I wanted to die most of those years. But things got better. And they will for you, too.

If You're Thinking Of Suicide...Please Do Not Kill Yourself Because.... (by author Cheryl Rainfield)
Thoughtful, emotional reasons to not kill yourself from Cheryl Rainfield, YA author of SCARS and STAINED. I've been there. I know how bad it can be. But I also know that it can and will get better. It did for me. It can for you. So please hang in there.

Society For the Prevention of Teen Suicide
Some short articles for teens and parents, including warning signs of suicide, when a friend dies, a link to a helpful online support service on suicide, and a hotline number to call if you're thinking about suicide (1-800-273-TALK).

Handling A Call From a Suicidal Person
A very helpful, compassionate article with some very true and real advice, such as to be yourself; the words are unimportant, it's the caring that helps.

If you're feeling suicidal, click the above link to e-mail a trained volunteer counselor. They try to reply within 24 hours. It says on their site that they "listen in total confidence and without judgement, whatever your situation."

If You Are Thinking About Suicide, read this first
A very helpful, comforting page if you're feeling suicidal.

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Sites for the Soul

Caring for the Soul
This quote from Thomas says it all: "I believe that every human being is already enlightened; All we have to do is awaken." :)
Visit this meditations page at to be walked through some calming meditations (for peace, calm, opening the heart, and more).
Deepak Chopra's own site. There is a section of daily wisdom, a q & a, and a message board. You can also buy his products and books online.

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More Fun

Greeting cards you can print, by HP. They also have some crafts and gifts you can print. Some nice looking cards.
Free stuff can be fun to get - and there's a lot of free stuff listed here. Both stuff available on line, and actual stuff you can touch. :)

Freebies for Women
A site with freebies geared towards women. :)

Keldons Freebies
There are thousands of freebies, samples, games, and contests listed here in an easy-to-find format. Some pretty good stuff. :)

Screensavers and More at
Check out this extensive listing of free and shareware screensavers at Michael also offers links to free fonts, clip art, desktop themes, icons, and wallpaper.

Greeting Haus
More printable greeting cards. (Also downloadable.)

Weekly Horoscope by Georgia Nicols
Get Georgia Nicols' weekly horoscope (as seen in The National Post)delivered to your email box.

Lesbian Arts and Fun
I love this page. She has lots of clean fun - lesbian crosswords, word searches, mazes (shaped in triangles and a really cool one with the word dyke), word games, and more.

Dumb Lists
This is a list of odd signs from England where the wording used gives a totally different (and humourous) meaning other than the one the author wanted. I really enjoy this list (I laugh out loud when I read it). You have to really like words to enjoy it, though.

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Free Screensavers
Love screensavers? Then check out this site; you can type in the kind of screensaver you're looking for in their search button, or browse their categories.

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Free eCards

Looking for that perfect ecard? This site lists TONS of ecard sites through very thorough categories. You're sure to find an ecard site you like.

Ice Cream Sender
Have loads of fun making a virtual ice cream cone, complete with toppings - and then send it to a friend - or "eat" it, instead (grin). Read what they say each topping and flavour is supposedly for (but don't take it too seriously).

Chinese Fortune Cookies
Send a virtual fortune cookie. Really nice graphics and fortunes. Just keep your mouse away from the center of the page until you see the cookie; it should come up pretty quickly. Then touch the cookie. Prest-o! (My kids love this.).
Some nice looking greeting cards to send by email - and definitely faster loading than some popular ecard sites.

Mega eCards Link List at HYE
An incredibly long list of ecard sites!

Check out this huge listing of free ecard sites!

Free, Hand-drawn eCards
Beautiful hand-drawn ecards right here at! Choose from cards to comfort, encourage, celebrate, and more. You can print out a card once you've made it, or once you've received one.
LOTS of different ecards, including some really cute animated cards. I especially like some of the ecards in the love section.

Annie's Free Email Greeting Cards
LOTS of links to different free ecards and greetings (such as cyber flowers and virtual chocolate) that you can send over the net. Also has links to other freebies.

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Gifts for Women

For The Little Ones Inside
The cards by Robyn are wise, nurturing, and loving.

Music to feed your soul. An excellent resource to buy womyn's, lesbian, feminist, and alternative music.

Roots and Wings
Whimsical, joyful, life-affirming art available in cards or prints.

Shades of Amethyst
Gifts that Celebrate the Beauty of a Woman's Spirit, Mind & Body.

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Make a Difference - Click to Donate Sites
You can help donate - at no cost to you - to worthy causes just by clicking on a button at one of these sites! (The sponsors pay when you click on a button.)

The Breast Cancer Site
Donate a free mammogram (breast exam) to underprivileged women by clicking on their "donate a mammogram" pink button. Help prevent breast cancer!

Free donation
This site offers many buttons you can click to help AIDS, the homeless, children, education, and more. What's neat about this site is that it tells you at the bottom of their home page, after you've pressed a button, how much you've donated to which causes.

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Resources for Book Lovers
Can't find that out of book? Try here first. I buy almost all my out-of-print books here. They bring together over 8800 independent bookdealers selling used, secondhand, rare, and out-of-print books. You can also keep a wish list there and abebooks will email you once that book appears. I've never not found a book I wanted there...and at a really reasonable price.

Love to read new books? This is the site for you. They have TONS of excerpts, reviews, author interviews, reading guides, etc. for the newest books, listed by title, author, category, and search. Their categories are very thorough, including books for young adults, children, African Americans, novels with Asian & Indian authors/themes, Self Help, Inspiration, and so much more. Not sure you want a book? Read an excerpt.
There are TONS of book reviews here (a short written one, and then a detailed breakdown of various aspects). You can browse by category, author, or do a search by a title you know. The really nice thing about this site is that if you know a book you really like, you can search it, and then look beneath the review. They link to other books (and reviews of those books) that have similiar rankings. The only think lacking here for me were sections on young adult and lesbian fiction...but I did search for L. M. Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) and found one book by her.

A great site of young adult book reviews! The reviews are short and snappy, and there seem to be at least three new ones every week. A fabulous site.

If You Like...
An If You Like list (if you like this book, you might also like...) from a library. You can search by author, theme, or keyword, or browse the complete list.

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A volunteer organization that offers free, confidential support for people who are depressed, suicidal, lonely, or feel they have no where else to turn. You can get support by email, phone, letter, and in some places, face-to-face. The support is said to be non-judgmental, though I can't vouch for that because I haven't used their services.

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Emoticons from High-Tech Library
Need an explanation of all those emoticons? (Emoticons are facial expressions made by a series of keystrokes - like a smiley :) Check out this site. There are so many, though, that it can be overwhelming.

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Resources For Teen Writers

Tips for Young Authors from author Ralph Fletcher
Thoughtful, helpful tips on writing for young writers from the author of A Writer's NoteBook and Live Writing: Breathing Life Into Your Words. If you haven't read his books on writing, I highly recommend them. They are some of my favorites.

Advice To Young Writers from YA Author Melissa de la Cruz
Some good writing advice from the author of more than 35 books, including Blue Bloods, Lost In Time, and Frozen.

Read Pep Talks From Published Authors via Nanowrimo
Do you need some encouragement? Want to read a pep talk from a published author? Check out these encouraging talks from chlidren's YA authors, including Lois Lowry, Melissa Meyer, Walter Dean Myers, Scott Westerfeld, Ally Carter, Wendy Mass, and more. Don't forget to check out all the pep talks from previous years, as well.

Connect With Other Young Writers via NanoWrimo
Want to connect with other young writers? During Nanowrimo, the boards here are pretty active. Check them out.

Connect With Other Young Writers on YoungWritersOnline
Another way to connect with other writers is through the forum for young writers on Young Writers Online.

Find More Young Writer Communities
Are you looking to get published? Check out some of the magazines and journals that are looking for work from young writers. Remember to polish your work before you submit it, and make sure that it fits the tone of the magazine or journal. You'll be more likely to get published if you research the market and make sure you send your work to the right places.

Publications For Young Authors: Young Writers Are Getting Published
Check out a fantastic list of even more places that young authors can get published, both online and in print, including some Canadian resources. The link opens up into a PDF which you can download or print. Compiled by YA author Karen Krossing.

Resources For Young Writers via Writing-World
Lots of resources here including some more places you can get published.

Advice for Young Writers from TheFictionDesk
Some good writing advice for young writers (or writers of any age).

Where Young Authors Can Submit (via YA author Karen Krossing)
Check out a fantastic list of even more places that young authors can get published, both online and in print, including some Canadian resources. The link opens up into a PDF which you can download or print. Compiled by YA author Karen Krossing.

Advice for Young Writers from TheFictionDesk
Some good writing advice for young writers (or writers of any age).

Tips For Young Writers from author Aaron Shep
Author Aaron Shep recommends some good books to help you polish your work and get published. Books are a great way to learn writing technique and find writing markets to submit to.

More Resources For Young Writers via Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
Find more resources for young writers here, including competitions and markets to get published.

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