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"We read to know we are not alone."
- C.S. Lewis

Manuscript Edits for Fiction Writers

Receive detailed, thoughtful edits from an award-winning, multi-published author and editor.

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What I Can Give You:
I think it's important to receive honest feedback and real encouragement about your writing, to help you move your work to the next level. I will point out what works in your manuscript and what I especially like, as well as what needs more work and why, and what may be missing.

I may provide thoughts about your characters, dialogue, backstory, forward movement of the plot, setting, the rhythm of the language itself, things that are working and that aren't--from the small to the big picture. I may also ask you questions to clarify or work on.

What I will edit:
I will edit any fiction manuscript, as well as memoir. I prefer to critique complete novels; you'll also get much better feedback from me if I can read the entire manuscript and see the overall movement and arc, but I also understand money restraints.

Editing Fees
Copy Editing/Proofreading: $25-30/hour
Content Editing and Manuscript Critiques: $45-75/hour
Fees depend on how labour-intensive the work is.
I accept payment via PayPal (which accepts credit cards, debit, etc.) Once we agree to work together, I will request half of the total estimate to begin work on your manuscript, and the other half upon completion of the work.

Estimate of Cost and Sample Edit
Email me your manuscript and a request for my editing services, and I will provide you with a sample edit and an estimate of the total cost.

What You Send:
-Your manuscript in MS Word .doc or .docx format, double spaced, 1" margins, 12 pt font (publishing standard)

I usually work on the actual printed manuscript. I will scan the edited pages and email you PDFs of the work. If I work on the digital document, I will email it back to you with comments using Word's review and track changes.

I reserve the right to return submissions if I feel I am not the best person suited to give you feedback. If that happens, I will return the payment via PayPal along with the manuscript.

Since I am often also working on my own writing, and sometimes under tight deadlines, I may need to extend the critique by a few weeks, or to ask you to wait a few weeks before I am ready. If you'd like me to edit your manuscript, please email me.

What I can not do:
K L Going said this beautifully so I'm repeating it here:
My comments on your manuscript, even if I offer rave reviews, can in no way serve as an advance blurb for your work or a recommendation from me to a potential editor or agent. Although I would love to help everyone out, my name would quickly lose its value if everyone I critiqued had an automatic blurb from Cheryl Rainfield. Sorry!

What I can do:
I can help you improve your writing. My fellow writing peers have said how much they've loved and valued my feedback for years, and I think every writer needs to receive honest, insightful feedback.

My credentials:
I am a multi award-winning author; five of my YA books have been traditionally published, and one was self-published. I trained as an editor through George Brown College in Toronto, and have read hundreds of books on writing technique. I have also critiqued manuscripts for my writing peers for more than 14 years.

I am the author of SCARS (WestSide Books) a Governor General Literary Award Finalist, #1 in ALA's Top 10 Quick Picks, ALA's Rainbow List recommended books; HUNTED (WestSide Books) a Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy finalist and a 2013 Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Award Finalist; STAINED (Harcourt Fall 2013) a Bank Street College Center for Children's Literature's Best Books of The Year for ages Fourteen and Up (2014), and SCBWI's Crystal Kite Award, finalist (2014); as well as two hi-lo books for teens, Dragon Speaker: The Last Dragon and SkinWalkers: Walking Both Sides (HIP Books), and Parallel Visions.

Contact Cheryl Rainfield. If you have not heard from me in a week, please email me again. Sometimes emails get lost or caught by spam filters.

My fees may change over time. If my fees have increased, the previous rate will be honored for authors who sent me material before the date of the change.

What People Are Saying:

"If you're looking for honest critique and help with a manuscript, working with Cheryl Rainfield is a MUST. Cheryl has a keen eye for content development and plot structure, as well as thorough character building that will help shape any manuscript into a masterpiece." ~ Jennifer Murgia, author of FOREST OF WHISPERS, ANGEL STAR, and other books for teens. "Cheryl Rainfield is a sensitive and discerning reader who provides supportive and insightful feedback on a work-in-progress."

-Karen Krossing, author of PURE , TAKE THE STAIRS , & other books for children and teens.

"I first met Cheryl in Peter Carver's writing class. During the course of several sessions I began to realize that her insights into the works being read were spot-on. She was a perceptive judge of both plot and character. When she spoke, people listened. That's one of the reasons, when I finally had a manuscript together, I asked her to look over my work. I was thrilled with the results. She very kindly pointed out places where the story worked, and in places where things went off the rails she often asked the right questions. Questions that helped me see a new, clearer direction. Cheryl is one of the people I have to thank for preparing both The Mealworm Diaries (2009) and The Gnome's Eye (2010) for publication. Anytime she speaks, I listen."

-Anna Kerz, author of THE MEALWORM DIARIES, BETTER THAN WEIRD, and other books for children.

"When I first met Cheryl years ago in Peter Carver's writing for children class, I was impressed by the thoughtful critiquing she provided to work read aloud. Having the opportunity to work closely with Cheryl on the Dragon Speaker trilogy was a wonderful experience--I got to work with and learn from Cheryl on a project that we were both invested in. When I asked for Cheryl's help with other manuscripts, I learned that Cheryl is invested in every story that she critiques. She has wonderful insight into what makes characters work and how to keep a reader's sympathy and interest. She is honest and thorough. I always come away having learned something."

Erin Thomas, author of BOARDER PATROL, HAZE, and other books for teens.

"I value Cheryl's insightful critiques of my writing. She is always thorough yet sensitive."

-Karen Rankin, Toronto teacher, writer, and book reviewer for CM.

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