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Big Cozy Books creates some of the most beautiful book-themed furniture I’ve ever seen. The furniture draws on a love for books while looking whimsical, appealing, and comfortable. With a number of Big Cozy Books pieces together, any room could be transformed into a dream reading area, a room that just whispers ‘come read’. This is just beautiful design. And more than design, it’s art. Art you can sit on, art that you can use as you read. It’s a book lover’s dream–at least to me.

I especially love the book couches, the open-book mat to sit on, and the huge pencil and eraser (okay, that last one appeals to the writer in me). Erik Olofson, owner of Big Cozy Books, designed these visually appealing pieces after his daughter thought that his design for a local library was boring, and suggested making a seat that looked like big books. Erik’s designs aren’t boring any more–they’re inspiring. If you want to go drool over their designs, check out their site at

Libraries, schools, and businesses seem to be the target market–but this is now on my dream-furniture list! From some of the testimonials on their site, it’s clear that Big Cozy Books’ furniture is not only beautiful and appealing to readers, but is also easy to keep clean. Now that’s near-perfect. 🙂 I found this site through Kimbooktu’s wonderful blog.

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