a children’s author whose book was banned took things into her own hands

When children’s author Nikki Tate discovered that her book, Trouble on Tarragon Island, was being banned at a Saskatchewan school because of the use of the word bazoongas used in a scene of bullying and schoolyard taunts, she decided to take a proactive stance. She decided to give her novel away for free to any elementary pupil in Kindersley who requested the title (the local library only had one copy), and the Globe & Mail ran a story on it. What a wonderful way to get around a book banning, and get the book into readers’ hands!

And in what looks like a direct result of the newspaper article, the school reversed its decision, and the book is back out in the library. If Nikki Tate hadn’t done anything, the book might still be banned. I love it when banned books are unbanned, and when banned books reach an audience–even a wider audience–as a result. Readers should be able to choose for themselves what they want to read.

You can read the article, and more about this, on Nikki Tate’s blog here and the follow up in the Globe & Mail here.

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  1. Seymour B. Tobe says:

    When will people learn that there is a whole world out there and just because it is “foreign” to them does not mean that it dosn’t exist? I’m pleased that the new principal has his/her feet on the ground and is also able to stand up and correct a serious mistake.

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