Philip Pullman’s books have been removed from two more library bookshelves

Philip Pullman’s books (His Dark Materials series) have been removed from two more library bookshelves–two Toronto-area Catholic school boards, the Durham and Dufferin-Peel Catholic boards (in Ontario, Canada), have removed Pullman’s books while they review the book to see whether it’s “suitable for children.”

Suitable for children?? I sense some close-minded thinking going on, deciding for huge groups of children what they can read and what they can’t.

The two boards did not receive a complaint; they simply removed Pullman’s books because another Ontario Catholic school board (the Halton board) asked them to after receiving one complaint that the books are “anti-God, anti-Catholic and anti-religion.” I always find such complaints hard to believe; Pullman has so many religious overtones in his books. And pulling a book after one complaint? This gives narrow-minded nay-sayers a lot of power.

The boards will decide in one month whether to ban the books, restrict them to specific grades, or put the books back on library shelves–but while they make their decision, the books aren’t available to students. Here’s hoping that good sense prevails and they put Pullman’s books back on the shelves.

Not all religious affiliations or people condemn Pullman’s books or try to ban them. In the UK, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams praised Pullman’s books and recommended them to young readers. Now that’s a relief.

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