Gifts for Book Lovers, part 4

There are so many gift possibilities for the book lover in your life.

Don’t forget to check their wishlists at online bookstores such as,,, etc. You can search for their wishlist easily by searching for their email address.

This happy-woman-with-a-book is a beautiful mouse pad, and a way to remind yourself of the joy of books while you work. $11.60 US. The image is also available as a greeting card ($2.52 US), and as a poster in many different sizes, the large being $16.92 US
Your favorite book lover might really enjoy this poetry beads kit. $9.95 US.

I think this fantasy reader greeting card is beautiful enough to put on the wall. And it’s only $2.64 US. It also comes as a mug for $12.68 US (you can choose the style and color). It also comes in a purple print as a mug, card, and bag, and a beautiful black t-shirt ($23.95 US).

This book-and-cat afghan is beautiful. It’s soft, should be warm, 100 % cotton, and 54″ x 69″. $59.00 US

I love these book-lover pencils! I want some. 🙂 Each of them are embossed with Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “I cannot live without books”, as well as, on the other side “Library of Congress”. $6.00 for a set of 12.

How about a light-switch plate with an image of a shelf of books on it? It’s available as a single switchplate ($10 US), double switchplate ($12 US), outlet plate ($10 US), single rocker plate ($10 US), and double rocker plate ($12 US).

Your favorite bibliophile may have fun with these word stamps. $19.95 US

If your favorite book lover also enjoys crafts, they might really like making their own word stones with this kit. You mix up the concrete, pour it into the form, and use the press in letters to make words. The kit includes 42 1.5″ press-in lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks; 4 concrete forms; two pounds lightweight concrete; concrete tint; a trowel; and instructions.

This reading pillow–the BedLounge–is a bit pricey at $117. US, but it may make some book lovers happy, to read comfortably in bed. The website says it’s supposed to be the ultimate in comfort, as “every part – from the headrest, to the seatback, to the Lumbar Pillow, to the armrests – move, flex, and conform to your body’s own unique shape.” I’d love to try one out. Comes in a variety of colors.

A librarian you know might enjoy this mug–“Librarians Do It By the Book”. I thought it was funny. $10.36 US

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3 Responses to Gifts for Book Lovers, part 4

  1. Kristen says:

    Loved your gift ideas. ALL of them! Thanks for the help during my Christmas shopping.

  2. Good. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, Kristen; I appreciate that.

  3. Brad Wirz says:

    Love that light-switch plate! Definitely need one of those for our study…

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