People urge the Chicago Tribune to keep their book review section

There seem to have been a lot of newspapers lately that have dropped or shortened their book review sections, including children’s book reviews. So it’s heartening when a newspaper keeps theirs.

Recently, the Chicago Tribune had a suggestion box for readers to comment on the newspaper’s book coverage. It made me wonder if they were thinking of dropping their book reviews–though their suggestion box write up seemed more like they were trying to modernize their review section, make sure that it is what readers want–which sounds like a good idea to me.

More than a thousand people responded to the suggestion box, many saying that they wanted the book reviews to continue. It’s great to see such a strong response for the importance of book reviews.

Among the people who responded was author Sara Paretsy, who wrote:

“At a time when many papers have dropped their book review sections, or cut them back to a page or less, the Tribune’s Books section is more important than ever. Readers depend on book reviews to help them know what’s being written. You can’t browse in an online store–you’re dependent on what the online purveyor is putting on its home page. Without a good book section, there are ever fewer ways for readers to learn about diverse voices in the book world. A good book section should help bring readers from all over the country to the paper.”

Well said.

You can read more of people’s comments to the Chicago Tribune in their article.

The suggestion box for the book review section is still up on their site, on the right-hand sidebar, so it looks like you can still leave a suggestion if you’d like to.

Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the info.

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