Penguin launches a dating site for book lovers

Penguin UK has launched a dating website for book readers. Their tag is “PenguinDating–where book lovers meet.” It’s an interesting idea–readers are often passionate about reading and the specific books they love–so why not see if they can find a match?

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According to the Bookseller, Penguin says the site offers readers “a place to meet and indulge in the age-old art of writing love letters.” Members will write about the last book they read in their profile, and can search other people’s profiles for mentions of their favorite books.

That sounds neat to me. I love writing and reading letters, and if you’re looking for love, why not try to find it through one of your passions, if books is one of yours? Somehow it sounds more appealing to me than those regular match sites, which often look quite unappealing to me. It’s the book focus that makes it seem nicer, some how. Though it’s the kind of thing that I think should be free.

Anna Rafferty, Penguin’s online marketing manager, told the Bookseller, “At Penguin we believe that the books we cherish and read over and over, those that we feel a deep emotional connection with, say something defining about us and the type of people we are.” I agree with that wholeheartedly.

It looks like PenguinDating is UK based, so people in other countries may be out of luck. I also wonder if they include lesbian and gay book lovers, or if the site is strictly for heterosexual book lovers. I’d like to think that they don’t exclude.

What do you think? Is PenguinDating appealing? Unappealing? Don’t care?

Thanks to the swivet for the link.

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