Picture books can inspire fantasy play

One thing I love about books is how they can inspire fantasy play and the use of imagination in children. Books help children dream and think in a way that’s different than TV.

I remember wishing and wishing for the power of telepathy after I’d read and loved several Lois Duncan books with characters who had that power, as well as Cora Taylor’s Julie. And Anne of Green Gables always made me dream.

Charlotte over at Charlotte’s Library has a two great, short posts about this, where Traction Man by Mini Grey has inspired her child to see the scrubbing brush as a Brave Little Pet, and now says it’s scrubbing brush’s birthday. I love that! And to me, it’s just more proof that books inspire creativity and imagination. Though it’s causing some friction….

Do you have a story about how a children’s or teen book made you or a child you know soar into imagination? Let me know; I’d love to read about it.

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I write the books I needed and couldn't find as a teen. I write teen fiction--paranormal fantasy and gritty realistic fiction. I'm the author of SCARS (WestSide Books, 2010) #1 ALA QuickPicks, and Governor General Literary Award Finalist, HUNTED (WestSide Books, Oct 2011), STAINED (Harcourt, 2013), The Last Dragon (HIP Books, Sept 2009), and Walking Both Sides (HIP Books, 2011). I also enjoy drawing, surfing the web, connecting with people I like, doing crafts, and being with my dog.
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4 Responses to Picture books can inspire fantasy play

  1. Charlotte says:

    Thanks for the link! The friction worsens–now he wants to hide Scrubbing Brush so that we can never use him to scrub vegetables ever again….:)

  2. Cheryl says:

    You’re very welcome, Charlotte; I really enjoyed your posts.

    (laughing) Perhaps you need two scrubbing brushes? One for you and one for your son?

    At least it’s a very inexpensive toy. 🙂

  3. The Ms. S says:

    After reading The Little Mermaid (pre-Disney) I decided I wanted to be a mermaid. Whenever we went to the beach I would lay half in the water and half out, hoping the in half would become mermaid. 🙂

  4. Cheryl says:

    Ms S, that’s lovely! I can just picture a little girl doing that. What a great flight of imagination.

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