James Patterson encourages parents to get kids reading

Author James Patterson and librarian expert Judy Freeman list their favorite children’s books on on ReadKiddoRead.com. The site encourages parents to get their kids to read–and may be a good starting point for some parents or teachers who don’t know what books to give their kids. They divide books in broad categories, according to ages, and then into more specific categories such as fantasy, real world situations, etc.

The site also includes a blogging community, interviews with authors such as Julie Andrews, Jeff Kinney and Rick Riordan, an “almost can’t-miss sure shot books for boys” section, a newsletter, and online resources for adults.

I grinned seeing that James Patterson included one of his own books for tweens/teens–Maximum Ride–in his recommended list. But hey, if you believe in your book, why not recommend it? I think Maximum Ride is a great book, any way; I recommend it myself. I wouldn’t have categorized Charlotte’s Web under “Fantasy & Other Worlds”–but I’m delighted to see it listed, as it’s a wonderful book.

The site is bright, colorful, engaging, and easy to click through. I’m delighted to see an author actively encouraging kids and teens to read–and parents to read to them and buy them books.

Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the info.

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4 Responses to James Patterson encourages parents to get kids reading

  1. Jo says:

    James Patterson has also frequently blurbed his own books – as in ” this would make a great movie!” so I am not surprised. I’ll overlook that though because getting kids reading is so important especially reluctant readers and boys. And Maximum Ride is definitely written for the 2 minute attention span.

  2. Judy Freeman says:

    Hi Cheryl–
    Thanks for your very nice comments about READKIDDOREAD. We’ve worked so hard on the site–it’s a pleasure to find out that folks are reading and enjoying it and spreading the word.

    I agree with you about Charlotte’s Web–it’s always seemed utterly realistic to me. But, wait, there are all those talking animals . . . When I’m, working on reviews for the site, I have to slot each book I choose into one of our four categories (Fantasy & Other Worlds; Real World Fiction; Action/Adventure/Mystery; Just the Facts), and it’s not always cut and dried. If it’s a fantasy that’s also an adventure and mystery, I have to decide where it belongs. Charlotte’s Web is just one of many classics everyone knows (or needs to know). For the Community site, I’m putting together an annotated list of other classics kids and their grownups should know. It’ll be a trip down memory lane.

    I’ve been noodling around on your blog reading reviews–you’ve got some great stuff here! Thanks!

    Judy Freeman
    Reviewer, http://www.READKIDDOREAD.com

  3. Cheryl says:

    Jo, that made me grin some more, knowing he blurbs his own books. But still–if you believe in your own book, why not?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Judy, I’m sure you worked hard on ReadKiddoRead–it’s got so much info! And it’s beautifully laid out, with some great books for kids.

    I know what you mean with Charlotte’s Web and the talking animals; that definitely takes it out of the realistic realm. It just still doesn’t feel like fantasy to me. But it’s such a moving and important book; who cares what it’s classified as? What matters is getting it into kids’ hands. I’m glad you’ve got it on your site!

    An annotated list of classics for kids sounds fantastic!

    And thanks for looking arounnd at my reviews; I hope you found a few books you might not otherwise have, that interest you.

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