Have you seen the house and furniture made of books?

Well, it’s not actually made of books–sculptor Livio de Marchi carved a house and furniture out of wood, making many of the pieces look like they’re made from books. The piece is called “House of Books No.1,” and is found in Italy.


See the way the roof is made to look like an open book? I love it! And the interior is just as lovely, possibly more so. It would be amazing to walk through this!

Some of the pieces are so beautiful to me, as a booklover and writer; I wish I could have them in my place! Like the bed frame carved to look like an open book:

Does this appeal to you?

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5 Responses to Have you seen the house and furniture made of books?

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  2. The Ms. S says:

    I love the bed! Different headboard with it for me, I think. Maybe one that show the open pages with words painted across them. Hmm…now what would I want written? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ms S, I LOVE that idea! I’d want words from one–or some–of my favorite children’s books painted there. Bliss…

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