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Free writing technique ebook this week only

WRITING FICTION FOR DUMMIES Kindle ebook by Randy Ingermanson is FREE this week for US only. (Ingermanson has some good writing technique articles and books.) As a Canadian, I can’t get it free. Bah! But thought many of you might … Continue reading

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James Frey exploiting desperate writers

I’ve been finding it disturbing to read about James Frey exploiting desperate writers–and that he’s specifically targeting YA writers. There’s been a LOT of chatter about it on Twitter from book industry professionals and writers, but I haven’t seen much … Continue reading

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If you care about the pedophile-book-on-Amazon thing

then please read this powerful post on silence! Like Melissa Wardy, the author of the post, I was shocked at the pedophile guide becoming mainstream; my abuser parents bought & traded in secret. Books like that shouldn’t be readily available. … Continue reading

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If you don’t want to support Amazon…

after their keeping books up promoting pedophilia for so long, you can buy your books at Book Depository. They offer free worldwide shipping! And they have 2.2 million books. And, I was glad to see, they sell Scars. (beaming) I … Continue reading

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The same pedophile author has another book on Amazon still encouraging pedophilia

I was so hoping it was over. I felt so good this morning, discovering that Amazon took down the book for pedophiles that instructed how to rape and molest a child with a possibly lighter sentence when caught. It was … Continue reading

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The pedophile book is down – thanks to many voices & Anderson Cooper

We DID it! Voices speaking out loud together make a real difference! (beaming) The pedophile book has been taken down. Amazon said it is no longer for sale. I got an email saying that, and I also clicked on the … Continue reading

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Amazon is selling a book for pedophiles…

The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure–on how to rape children more safely–safely for the pedophile, that is. Its focus is on how to get pedophiles lighter jail sentences should they be caught. I cannot believe Amazon is selling this! … Continue reading

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NY K-2 students can create anti-bullying comic for chance to win iPods for class

NY K-2 students have the chance to create an anti-bullying comic with ToonBooks’ online tool, and then submit their comic to enter to win an iPod Touch–1 for every student in class.

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Fellow reader’s cat likes Scars (grinning)

How sweet is this? Fellow Tweep @wholewidewords (Schuyler Esperanza) just posted a pic of Lolly, her cat, with Scars! She said: “My Lolly kitty gives your book 5 purrrrrrs.” I love it! (beaming) Do you have a pic of your … Continue reading

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Think Authors Profit From Book Banning?

Seriously? Then read this.

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