Enjoying Dragon Slippers series by Jessica Day George

I just read and enjoyed Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George so much that I ordered the sequel (Dragon Flight) on my Kindle, devoured it, and then bought the next (Dragon Spear (Dragon Slippers)) which I’m already a third of the way through.

I love strong girl characters in fantasy (in any fiction, actually), and I love it when girls don’t need to be rescued from dragons, but actually make friends with the dragons and become their allies. There’s a lovely mix of light-heartedness, a love of fantasy and dragons while turning traditional stories on their head (by having a strong girl and friendship to dragons), some depth, a bit of rags-to-riches, and a dash of romance in Jessica Day George’s books. They remind me of Patricia C Wrede’s Dealing with Dragons series, though of course Day George has her own voice. If you like light-hearted fantasies that move quickly and keep you turning the pages, and you like strong girl characters, then you’ll want to check this series out.

And…how did I get into this series? By buying the first book when it was on sale on Amazon. I then bought the next two books at full price. I think that’s something for authors and publishers to note; it’s a good marketing technique, putting the first book in a series on sale, and/or a book by an author to get us interested in other books by the same author.

Have you read Jessica Day George’s books? Do you like them? Do you have another book along the same lines that you’d like to recommend?

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2 Responses to Enjoying Dragon Slippers series by Jessica Day George

  1. This is a popular series at my library! The series I recommend to go along with it are Kate Coombs’ Runaway Princess and Runaway Dragon, E. D. Baker’s Frog Princess (not at ALL like the disney movie) and Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles. All have spunky heroines, lots of funny moments, and great adventures with a few thought-provoking bits as well.

  2. Jennifer, thank you! I LOVE knowing more good books to read, and it’s good to know that you also recommend Patricia C Wrede (who I also love). I’ll check these out–and I hope others will, too.

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