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I’ve just ordered a book by face reader (or Face Pattern Recognition Expert) Naomi Tickle that I think will help me professionally as a writer, to make my characters even more believable, full, and complete, and also help me as a person navigating through the world. I think her books are great tools for writers to add more richness, depth, and credibility to our novels (or screenplays or plays for the stage).

Naomi does what the characters on the TV show Lie To Me do–read faces to know when people are lying or telling the truth, to predict their personality, behavior, and innate abilities just from their facial features. And she was actually interviewed for that show as an expert! She can tell from how fine your hair is whether you’re sensitive to noises and emotions, and from the curve of your forehead how creative you are. Her face readings are based on soft science first developed by Edward Jones, a judge, in the 1930s, and have a 92% accuracy level for personality assessment. I find it utterly fascinating!!

Naomi has several books, and I have a feeling I’ll be ordering many of them over time. For now, I chose What Makes People Tick and Why.

If you order a book directly from Naomi’s website, you get a free mini-reading.I did, and I loved what she said; she got so many things about me so accurately that I wouldn’t have thought people could see just from my face. It really impressed me! And it was also validating. (And no, I don’t get anything out of telling you that–I’m just passing along info that I think could help you.)

I’m excited to read her book, and am so looking forward to it! I think Naomi’s book will be an incredible tool as a writer and person.

You can also listen to an interview with Naomi, interviewed by Angela Treat Lyon.

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