Guest Post: 5 Reasons To Read To Your Child

5 Reasons to Read with Your Child

by Jenny Ellis

It is something most parents already do, read with their children. But there are bigger reasons of why you should read with your child other than it being something enjoyable to do with your child. Here are 5 ways that reading with your child can benefit you and them:

Promotes Reading: If you start reading with your child at an early age, it sets a foundation for them to want to learn and to read. Making it a daily ritual to read with your child will help them form that habit to read as they get older. Believe it or not your kids do follow your lead, so lead by example.

Imagination: A child’s imagination is precious and in a world where technology rules; imagination is quickly fading. And with your help, reading books to your children helps them to think outside of the box. Something as simple as using different voices, changing your tone and pausing helps cradle your child’s imaginative thoughts.

Life learning tool: Children books are filled with many different scenarios that your child can learn from. Depending on the book, your child can have difficult questions on life answered; they can learn life basics like manners or something educational like math and geography. The amount of lessons your child can learn from a book is limitless and you can guide them to finding their answers.

Bonding experience: Many fond memories we have as adults are bedtime stories with our mom or dad. Continue that tradition and make the time to read with your child. It is a great way for you two to create lasting memories of your own. Children grow up fast and one day they will not want to sit in your lap and read with you. Enjoy it while you can and start reading with them now before it’s too late!

Basic Reading Skills: Children obviously don’t have the knowledge of how and where to start reading. Reading with your child will teach them the basics of reading like, recognizing words, sounding them out, spelling or something as simple as reading a sentence from left to right.

Remember that reading is more than learning but a bonding experience that your child will keep with them forever. So go grab some books, make reading fun and let them curl up in your lap!

Jenny Ellis is a freelance writer, and a regular contributor for aupair care. She welcomes your comments at: ellisjenny728 @

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2 Responses to Guest Post: 5 Reasons To Read To Your Child

  1. Christie Harkin says:

    Great post, Jenny! And thanks for sharing, Cheryl.

  2. Thank you, Christie! (smiling at you) I love when people write about the importance of reading. 🙂

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