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LOVE YA author Beth Revis’ post on how to respond to negative reviews

I’ve seen some posts lately about YA authors and/or their supporters flipping out on reviewers online. It makes me curl my toes up. It’s just…not professional, you know? But it’s also not feel-good. It can bring a negative feeling for … Continue reading

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Dr Seuss political cartoons from WW II period show his voice so well

The Mandeville Special Collections Library has scans of more than 400 cartoons that Dr. Seuss drew during WW II. It’s cool to see cartoons that Dr Seuss drew, not from his books but in newspapers during wartime. You can clearly … Continue reading

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Books Save Us

Did you read the recent news story where a teen who was swept away into whitewater towards a waterfall used what he’d learned from a YA fantasy book–The Merchant of Death (a Pendragon book by D. J. McHale)– to save … Continue reading

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YA & children’s ebooks on sale on Amazon (until May 31st) All $2.99 & under

Stravaganza: City of Masks by Mary Hoffman, $1.99 (89% off) Lucien is very sick with cancer and struggles with his parents’ worry every day. But each night, through a magical gift from his father, his mind is transported to an … Continue reading

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Writer Duane Lester challenged those who violated his copyright

Have you had your copyright violated, your work reprinted without your permission? Writer/blogger Duane Lester did–a Missouri newspaper reprinted one of his blog posts from All American Blogger without his permission. Watch the video below to see what he did … Continue reading

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New graphic novel on teen bullying and suicide, with a superhero bent

Okay–this looks exciting to me–a graphic novel about a teen who’s being bullied, who tries to escape into a superhero alter ego, and who also contemplates suicide. I SO identify with all of those things! It’s called The Power Within, … Continue reading

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I wish there was ONE open-format platform for all ebooks without DRM

I LOVE my Kindle, don’t get me wrong. Being able to instantly download books, no matter where I am, having access to a huge library, being able to carry so many books without adding to the weight. It’s a delight. … Continue reading

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Tamora Pierce loves Scars!

Oh my GOSH! Tamora Pierce, one of my favorite authors, named SCARS as one of her favorite YA books of 2011! (beaming and beaming) It’s such a thrill when an author whose work you love, loves your work as well! … Continue reading

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Packaging Your Imagination (writer & illustrator) conference registration now open in Toronto

Are you a children’s or YA writer (or illustrator) in Toronto? Check out CANSCAIP’s Packaging Your Imagination conference. Registration is now open. Lots of fantastic authors giving workshops, including Tim Wynne-Jones, Lena Coakley, Carolyn Beck, Allan Stratton, Richard Scrimger, and … Continue reading

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New lesbian superhero (comic book) on the scene!

I love comics. I always have. I love the way they help me dream and believe in good winning, in cruelty being stopped, in wrongs being righted. I love the strength, the courage, the bravery of superheroes, and their desire … Continue reading

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