Important video: Looks Aren’t Everything; Believe Me, I’m a Model

Our society is obsessed with looks. The “ideal” or image of beauty is pushed on us constantly in the media, and it hurts us (especially women, but also men). It encourages eating disorders; low self esteem; unrealistic expectations of ourselves; and dissatisfaction with our bodies; and it encourages us to judge ourselves and others on how we look on the outside rather than who we really are, how we treat other people and what we say or do, or levels of kindness. And I think that’s really sad. Also frightening.

I think this video is a great reminder that our current society’s perception of beauty is just that–perception. And not a healthy one.

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5 Responses to Important video: Looks Aren’t Everything; Believe Me, I’m a Model

  1. What she says about the power of image is so important. I love how honest she is about how she has “cashed in” on the system, where the beautiful are privileged and the ordinary often pay a price they don’t owe. It is a truth that’s been around forever. “Looksism,” especially in this day and age can be as damaging as racism.

  2. I agree, Lisa–image, or how we see ourselves and each other, is very powerful (and perpetuated by society). I love her analysis and her honesty.

  3. Wow. What a powerful message, and so strong coming from her. Thanks for sharing this…I will be passing it on.

  4. I’m glad, Rebecca! Thank you. 🙂

  5. Randy Coates says:

    I watched the video with much interest and I have thought about it a long time. It has troubled me. I have never been an advocate of modelling and never understood why it was necessary; however, Cameron Russell seems to be saying that she felt “pressured” in the role and felt that she must try to look glamorous in that role. I think that she is genuine in telling the truth in the same way that others feel pressured in their jobs (think of enforcers in hockey). What troubles me most is why we feel “pressured” to do certain jobs. Is there no other path we can follow? Or is money such a big factor in our lives? I have no criticism towards individuals, as I submit to the routine, too.

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