Writers! You’ll want to check out this writer’s thesaurus

I love Angela and Becca’s thesauruses for writers; I think they can help writers get unstuck, so I am thrilled I can finally announce that The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition is coming! It releases February 19th.

If you’re a writer like me you probably know (and may use) the original Emotion Thesaurus.  I do. It’s a great refresher on emotion, and a great jumping off point into writing emotion deeper. It released in 2012 and became a must-have resource for many because it contained lists of body language, thoughts, and visceral sensations for 75 emotions, helping make showing character emotion on the page much easier.

So many people asked Angela and Becca to add more emotions over the years that they decided to create a second, expanded edition. It contains 55 NEW entries, with a total of 130 emotions.

This book is almost DOUBLE IN SIZE and there’s a lot more new content, so I recommend checking it out. And you can. Right now. (grinning)

Preorder Alert!

This book is available for preorder, so you can find all the details about this new book’s contents by visiting Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Kobo, iBooks, and IndieBound, or swinging by Writers Helping Writers. You can view the full list of emotions included in this new edition, too.

One last thing…Angela & Becca have a special gift for writers HERE. If you like free writing technique help, stop by and check it out. (It’s only available for a limited time!)

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2 Responses to Writers! You’ll want to check out this writer’s thesaurus

  1. Cheryl, thank you for your unwavering support of Becca and me, and the work we do. We are very lucky to have you always in our corner <3


  2. You’re very welcome, Angela! (smiling at you) I think your books help writers. I believe in them and you and Becca.

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