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art that draws on words

Artist Craig Ward loves words. He sees the pictures the words depict. The most beautiful image from his site Words Are Pictures, is, I think, an illustration he did for a book cover-Angel’s Psalms. Ward made the letters convey the … Continue reading

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Anne of Green Gables stamp from Canada Post

For those of you who love Anne of Green Gables (I sure do), Canada Post issued an Anne of Green Gables stamp set in June 2008. There’s one stamp featuring Anne, and one featuring her house. Every time I go … Continue reading

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drawings from phrases by Sam Brown

Artist Sam Brown draws simple, child-like illustrations from phrases that people email him. Some are inspiring, some sweet, some sad. A few make a play on the words or language (which I love) such as “I love long baths.” Those … Continue reading

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more gifts for readers and writers

Gifts for book lovers and writers are fun to look at all year round. So I’ve compiled some more. If you like Dr. Seuss books, then this site has a ton of great Dr. Seuss products. Like this Cat In … Continue reading

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Literary Tattoos

Have you ever wanted a tattoo? Do you have one? The idea has never appealed to me (the scars on my arm attract enough attention, thank you) but after reading about some literary tattoos, and seeing some photos, I have … Continue reading

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The Power of Books – artwork by Mladen Penev

Artist Mladen Penev created a series of photographs in 2005 titled “The Power of Books” for the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The photos are striking, and a few make me feel good to look at. (A few I find … Continue reading

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some neat ads about education and the need for supplies

Brazillian ad company Escala Comunication and Marketing has created some powerful ads about the need for supplies for education; both the tagline and the images are powerful, the text and the images building on each other. “When you run out … Continue reading

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A pop-up book with letters of the alphabet in different type faces

If you love books, writing, letters, or cool design, ABC3D by Marion Bataille (published by Roaring Brook Press) may appeal to you. It’s a pop-up book, with each letter of the alphabet shaped not only in a different type face, … Continue reading

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typewriter made out of cardboard and glue (art)

I love art that involves things from the reading or writing world. This typewriter by artist Chris Gilmour is made completely out of cardboard and glue, and is life sized. Pretty amazing, eh? The artist has created many other everyday … Continue reading

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Flip Book – Delight yourself with a Rainbow In Your Hand

Remember those flip books, where you’d flip the pages and see animation? Well, this is even cooler. This is a book where you flip the pages, and you see the illusion of a rainbow arcing between the pages. Wow! The … Continue reading

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