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Have you seen the house and furniture made of books?

Well, it’s not actually made of books–sculptor Livio de Marchi carved a house and furniture out of wood, making many of the pieces look like they’re made from books. The piece is called “House of Books No.1,” and is found … Continue reading

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Flying Vee Bookshelves

I have always loved the idea of flying books. I think it’s the combination of books coming alive, and flying. There used to be a screensaver with flying books that I delighted in. But I digress. MassieOffice has created some … Continue reading

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Collapsible, recyclable bookshelves for people on a tight budget

These Plop! bookshelves from designer Joyce Hong are a real innovation. They’re made from rigid cardboard, weigh only 4 pounds, and are easy to set up and to take down for easy transport. You just have to remove the packaging, … Continue reading

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beautiful and functional book seat

I love book furniture when it looks both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This bookseat by Canadian furniture designers Fishbol looks like something I’d love to have in my place–beautiful and functional, and adding more storage space for books, something many … Continue reading

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Beautiful bookshelves – but isn’t function the most important thing in a bookshelf?

I love bookshelves that look beautiful. At least, I like looking at them in photos. This bookshelf really appeals to me on an aesthetic level. But when I think about organizing my books that way, having titles be facing in … Continue reading

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Inspiring bookshelves and design at a children’s bookstore

I love inspired and beautiful design and furniture, especially around anything books. The Kid Republic bookstore in Beijing has all of that, in a very kid-friendly, unique way. The bookshelves here have movement, curves, and a wonderful use of color, … Continue reading

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Library chair that follows you – Take-a-Seat

Dutch student Jelte van Geest created an interesting idea as his graduation project for libraries: Take-A-Seat, or interactive seating. The idea is that a library patron flashes their library card in front of a seat, and the seat follows them … Continue reading

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a bed cover that’s a book

I love book related items; both the reader and writer in me delight in them. And I thought this book bedcover looked both unique and interesting. This “Bedtime Stories” blanket by designer Tiago da Fonseca has several linen sheets that … Continue reading

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photos of children’s and teen writers’ offices

Jacqueline Wilson’s writing room   Over at Guardian, jumbled in with all the other writers, there are three children’s/teen fiction writers who have photos of their offices posted, as well as some dialog from them about their offices. The children’s … Continue reading

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bookshelf closet can create a secret room

Ever since I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; The Castle in the Attic; The Secret Garden; Mandy ; and so many other wonderful children’s books, in some corner of my heart I’ve longed for a secret room … Continue reading

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