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I got the cover for my first book The Last Dragon!!

I just got the cover for my first book, The Last Dragon! Of course I had to share it with you! The Last Dragon is Book 1 in the Dragon Speaker series. I also have the covers of the next … Continue reading

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I often want to do this to books

that I read… but I can’t let myself. How about you?

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What turns you off a book?

What turns you off a book? photo: Book on chair by fallacy @ Flickr I know that when I start a book that has a long, slow beginning with lots of description or nothing happening, I get turned off the … Continue reading

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What makes a good reading nook?

photo: Sugar Pond @ Flickr My favorite way to read is sitting cross-legged on a comfortable couch, my dog beside me, a glass of cold water on the table in front of me in the summer, hot cocoa in the … Continue reading

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heartwarming story about a man donating a library in his partner’s name

If you love books and uplifting stories, you’ll want to read about this story Jen found, about Lorey Lokey, an 82-year old man who donated $20 million to have a library built–and asked that it be built under his longtime … Continue reading

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Finding Friends In Books: a poem I wrote

» Zitona « / Foter / CC BY Finding Friends In Books Some of my earliest friends lived in books, reaching out their hands for me, tugging me deep inside the pages, encouraging me to laugh and cry, delight and … Continue reading

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Receiving books in the mail is such fun

I just received my author copy of Fried! Fast Food, Slow Deaths that my short story “Comfort Food” is in. (Well, okay, my author copy plus a few other copies I bought for my closest friends.) It is such a … Continue reading

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Book Lover Christmas Ornaments, some based on children’s books

I’m not really into Christmas. I used to hate it, though the last few years I’ve started to learn to love aspects of it. When you can make it your own celebration, it gets better. And what better way than … Continue reading

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Book Lovers’ Libraries

The parking lot for the public library in Kansas City, Missouri, has one of the most beautiful, book-loving exteriors of a library–or any building–that I’ve ever seen. Photo: jonathan_moreau @ Flickr Isn’t it gorgeous? Makes a book-lover’s heart swoon. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Reading as a Writer and Reviewer

I love books. LOVE them. I love them as a reader, leaping into other worlds, being entertained and moved. I also love them as a writer–appreciating good writing, and learning from it as I read. I often can’t seem to … Continue reading

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