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KidLit Says No Kids In Cages. Please consider donating, signing your name, or both

No child should be separated from living parents or kept in a cage. As a torture survivor, as a human being, this horrifies me. I stand against this. If you can donate, please do. Help to spread the word. Let’s … Continue reading

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Kirkus’ review of Jennifer Mathieu’s MOXIE makes me want to buy it all the more.

We need books that support and *believe* rape survivors, and that fight back against misogyny and rape culture. And teen characters taking things into their own hands is part of what #YAlit books are supposed to do – have main … Continue reading

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Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, pro-rape Rep Fisher resigned! A step forward against misogyny, rape, and hatred.

Such wonderful, wonderful news! UltraViolet and each of you who signed the petition to remove pro-rape Rep Robert Fisher from office helped make it happen! Rep Robert Fisher was caught secretly running a pro-rape online forum from office. Yesterday he … Continue reading

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If you’re feeling afraid, sad, or overwhelmed since Trump was elected, here are some things you can do to help

I received an email from a reader who is lesbian and who used to self-harm (so may also be a survivor) telling me how terrified she was since Trump got elected, and hearing how his vice president wants to attack … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day. Celebrate YOU and The Women You Love

I love International Women’s Day (IWD). I think it’s important to celebrate women–ourselves, the strong girls and women in our lives who we love, and the women we admire and know from afar–especially while we live in a sexist and … Continue reading

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