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art that draws on words

Artist Craig Ward loves words. He sees the pictures the words depict. The most beautiful image from his site Words Are Pictures, is, I think, an illustration he did for a book cover-Angel’s Psalms. Ward made the letters convey the … Continue reading

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Cute stuffed toys spell out a word

I went to a toy store today, and found the cutest stuffed toys that are made out of words. I think they’re clever–the word spelled out and made to look like what it spells out–a bug, a cow, a dog. … Continue reading

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Gift for a word- or letter-lover – Custom ABC poster

Have a word-lover, alphabet lover, or typography lover in your life? This might be a great gift idea–a custom ABC poster with the person’s name inserted in the alphabet. Many people like seeing their name in print, and for a … Continue reading

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Wordle – fun with words and useful tool for writers

Wordle is both a fun time waster for people who like words, and a useful tool for writers. You can upload any text you want into Wordle, and play with the fonts, colors, and layouts, and it will produce a … Continue reading

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A creative way to spell out “spring.”

UK farmer David Kennard has some talented sheepdogs who, with his help, had his sheep spell out the word “spring.” I love creative and unusual ways of spelling words; it feels like art to me. See the article here. Found … Continue reading

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