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Text-message airplanes from Moleskin.

I think these text-message airplanes from Moleskin are so cute! Or maybe they just appeal to the writer and reader in me. It’s word fun! Thanks to @MikeCane on Twitter for the link.

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Clearly Closed – closed businesses with open signs

I often find signs that are wrong–through use or typos–interesting (though sometimes annoying). I think it has to do with my love of words and reading–and the importance of words for me. How about you? Do you find them interesting? … Continue reading

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Cute stuffed toys spell out a word

I went to a toy store today, and found the cutest stuffed toys that are made out of words. I think they’re clever–the word spelled out and made to look like what it spells out–a bug, a cow, a dog. … Continue reading

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Official Scrabble coming to Facebook

For those of you who love Scrabble, and are on social networks, may be interested to know that the official Scrabble game is coming this month to Facebook in the US and Canada, and is already on It’s produced … Continue reading

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Wordle – fun with words and useful tool for writers

Wordle is both a fun time waster for people who like words, and a useful tool for writers. You can upload any text you want into Wordle, and play with the fonts, colors, and layouts, and it will produce a … Continue reading

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