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Guest Post: The Neuroses of Writers by JR Wagner

Today J.R. Wagner, author of the newly released Exiled, joins us with a guest post on the emotional trails and traits of writers. I understand the self-doubt and worry J.R. mentions–I think many of us have been there. Welcome, JR! … Continue reading

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Comics for writers, readers, and librarians

I love books (reading them and writing them) and comics. And to find the two together is a delight. Check out these great comics–and if you know of any other comics about books, reading, or writing, let me know. UnShelved, … Continue reading

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writing and reading humor – the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks

Do you like writing humor? I do. Check out the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks. You’ll find photos of many signs with quotation marks in places they really shouldn’t be. For instance, today’s photo of an actual sign says: Please … Continue reading

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Funny video – how a writer imagined the publication process worked

Here’s a funny, enjoyable video about the way one writer imagined the publication process would go, from writing to getting an agent to getting a publisher–all a breeze, an easy dance. I do like the dancing. And the way the … Continue reading

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Writing Spoon Makes Coffee Time into Doodle Time

Like to doodle, or know someone who does? Designer Julia Mariscal has created a Writing Spoon–a spoon with a tip like a fountain pen–that you can dip into your coffee or soup or hot chocolate to doodle or make designs … Continue reading

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Funny yet wise video for writers – critique partners

If you write, it’s really important to be part of an honest but respectful critique group, or to have a critique partner. Critiques can help you polish your writing in a way that you couldn’t without an honest and experienced … Continue reading

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Clearly Closed – closed businesses with open signs

I often find signs that are wrong–through use or typos–interesting (though sometimes annoying). I think it has to do with my love of words and reading–and the importance of words for me. How about you? Do you find them interesting? … Continue reading

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Writing humor – Libba Bray’s post

If you haven’t read Libba Bray’s Writing a Novel, A Love Story, then check it out. It’s a funny, witty piece comparing writing, editing, and publishing a novel to falling in and out of love. It will have many writers … Continue reading

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