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Pets getting involved in your work

I was putting together a pantry for Petal’s treats/clothes–& of course she HAD to be involved (grinning) On the boards: Next to the screws, playing with her toys and chewies: And of course trying to chew the screwdriver–and my hand–as … Continue reading

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If you don’t want to support Amazon…

after their keeping books up promoting pedophilia for so long, you can buy your books at Book Depository. They offer free worldwide shipping! And they have 2.2 million books. And, I was glad to see, they sell Scars. (beaming) I … Continue reading

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Amazon deleted ebooks off customers’ Kindles

Yep, you read it right. Amazon.com deleted ebooks their customers had actually purchased right off their Kindles. They deleted “Nineteen Eighty-four,” by George Orwell. I thought ebooks were supposed to be like books. You buy them, you own them. Is … Continue reading

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Amazon ebooks has a rival

Amazon seems to have the largest piece of the ebook market with their Kindle, immediate Kindle downloads, and extensive bookstore that people go to already. Well, now they have some competition–in Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble has opened an … Continue reading

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Amazon has acquired Stanza ebook reader

Did you know that Amazon has acquired Stanza, the hugely popular ebook reader for the iPod and iPod Touch? Yep, they have. Part of what made Stanza so popular, besides being free, was its ability to read multiple ebook formats, … Continue reading

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