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Think Authors Profit From Book Banning?

Seriously? Then read this.

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Top 100 Banned Books

Check out ALA’s list of the top 100 Banned Books spanning 2000-2009; you might be surprised at what you find. Harry Potter tops the list, and there are some books by Judy Blume, and of course Speak by Laurie Halse … Continue reading

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Banned Book Week: Speak Up, and Pick Up a Good Book

Did you know it’s Banned Book Week? I think this is especially poignant with the recent attempt at challenging Laurie Halse Anderson’sSpeak and Twisted; Ellen Hopkins’ disinvite and the censorship of Burned; and the recent challenge of Jo Knowles’ Lessons … Continue reading

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Fight back against ignorance: Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak equated with porn

It shocks me to the core when anyone equates rape with pornography. But that’s exactly what associate professor Wesley Scroggins (who is also affiliated with Reclaiming Missouri for Christ) has done, comparing Laurie Halse Anderson’s beautifully and sensitively written YA … Continue reading

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Another gay book banned at a high school–but some reactions still give hope

Another LGBT book has been banned at a high school–Revolutionary Voices edited by Amy Sonnie–a “groundbreaking, multicultural collection of stories by the queer and young” banned at Rancocas Valley High School. Sad. But what I found refreshing and hopeful was … Continue reading

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Imagine twisting a book’s message from tolerance to hatred….

Apparently there’s a commercial on TV that uses the children’s picture book King & King to tell people to ban gay marriage. Say what? King & King is a picture book that gently teaches tolerance of gay men and lesbians. … Continue reading

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Why ban books?

It always seems incredible to me that people ban books–or try to. Books are THE safest way I can think of to learn something. They can provide so much–comfort, inspiration, moments of happiness and joy. A break from painful experiences … Continue reading

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Book will be reprinted to remove offensive word

An “offensive word” in Jacqueline Wilson’s latest novel, My Sister Jodie (Random House, UK), will replaced with another as a result of three parent complaints, according to The Guardian. Three complaints? What is it with books that makes people jump … Continue reading

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