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A poem to my abusers

A poem to my abusers:

You made me afraid
to trust others
to trust myself.
You made me expect
everyone would hate abuse
rape torture me
the way you did.
I fought hard to trust
– sometimes trusting too easily –
to believe in the good
in people
but I found it and keep
finding it.
I heal and keep healing.
You lose. -Cheryl Rainfield, author of SCARS, STAINED, HUNTED.

I’ve been editing my new manuscript and enjoying it, but there are really intense scenes and chapters that are drawn from my abuse and trauma experience. Sometimes I need to take a break from it, and other times I just need to get it out a bit like this poem.

Talking about our abuse and trauma experience can be healing-especially when we are heard and met with compassion- and so can reading about or hearing about others, knowing that we are not alone. And then other times we just need to escape it. I think both are healthy as long as we’re not doing one or the other constantly. What do you think?

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