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Laurie Halse Anderson given award by NCAC for defending free speech

I LOVE this! Laurie Halse Anderson (SPEAK, WinterGirls) got an award from the NCAC, honoring her as a Defender of Free Speech. And it was handed to her by Judy Blume, no less! This is so fitting, since SPEAK is … Continue reading

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My personal highlights from ALAN (and being on a panel)

So…after two months of worrying about me being on a panel (speaking about challenged books) in front of 500 people, and then two weeks of anxiety, and then a day of absolute fear right up to (and during) the panel…I … Continue reading

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Think Authors Profit From Book Banning?

Seriously? Then read this.

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Banned Book Week: Speak Up, and Pick Up a Good Book

Did you know it’s Banned Book Week? I think this is especially poignant with the recent attempt at challenging Laurie Halse Anderson’sSpeak and Twisted; Ellen Hopkins’ disinvite and the censorship of Burned; and the recent challenge of Jo Knowles’ Lessons … Continue reading

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Fight back against ignorance: Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak equated with porn

It shocks me to the core when anyone equates rape with pornography. But that’s exactly what associate professor Wesley Scroggins (who is also affiliated with Reclaiming Missouri for Christ) has done, comparing Laurie Halse Anderson’s beautifully and sensitively written YA … Continue reading

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Why Laurie Halse Anderson wrote Wintergirls

A video worth watching! I think this will appeal to readers, teachers, and anyone who has an interest in eating disorders. I think this is a spot of great book promotion! What do you think? Does this video appeal to … Continue reading

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