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If you’re feeling afraid, sad, or overwhelmed since Trump was elected, here are some things you can do to help

I received an email from a reader who is lesbian and who used to self-harm (so may also be a survivor) telling me how terrified she was since Trump got elected, and hearing how his vice president wants to attack … Continue reading

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Hate Is NEVER Okay. Let’s work towards a kinder, more inclusive world, with diversity of all kinds accepted and appreciated. A world that doesn’t have massacres like Pulse Orlando.

The LGBTQ massacre at Pulse Orlando yesterday by Omar Mateen was horrifying and devastating – and it made it even more clear how important it is still to work against homophobia and hatred, and toward greater compassion for all. How … Continue reading

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Why LGBTQ Pride and YA LGBTQ Books Are Needed

(Originally written and posted for Pride Week on E. K. Anderson’s blog.) I once overheard someone say that Pride Week was a giant party and why wasn’t there a party for them (heterosexuals). It may look like a party—we certainly … Continue reading

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What a gift for Pride Week! USA Gains Marriage Equality In All 50 States!

The USA has just gained marriage equality in all 50 states! SO happy for the USA and proud of you all, too. Congratulations on marriage equality! This is truly love winning and not hate. We are inching towards ‪#‎LGBTQ‬ equality! … Continue reading

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This is #IReadYA Week! And some of my recent favorites.

I love reading YA books; they’re my favorite–and I love writing them, too. (Smiling) So much emotion and tension, strong-girl characters (and strong boys, too) who I root for, no boring bits or long passages of description that stop the … Continue reading

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I will be speaking this Thursday at York University on Writing LGBT Characters in YA Literature

I’m honored to be speaking to Professor Cheryl Cowdy’s class this Thursday on writing LGBTQ characters in YA fiction. It’s really important to me to have a queer character in every book I write, whether it be the main character, … Continue reading

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Listen to my radio interview on Matters of the MInd – on being an incest and torture survivor, why I write the books I do, and what’s most rewarding for me.

Yesterday I was interviewed on Matters of The Mind by Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller on ListenUpTalk. I talked honestly about being an incest and torture survivor and some of the effects (including, for me, self-harm, PTSD, dissociation, depression), … Continue reading

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SCARS audiobook now available for pre-order!

SCARS audiobook is now available for pre-order! It releases Sept 1st–a month before STAINED releases. The SCARS audiobook is read by Emily Bauer. It’s a different cover than the original book, but it’s still the same book on the inside. … Continue reading

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Cheryl Rainfield on SCARS being challenged, and the need for “dark” books – for Banned Book Week

In the video below, I talk about Scars being challenged, why I wrote Scars, and the need for “dark” books – for Banned Book Week. I read banned and challenged books, and I hope you do, too! Here are some … Continue reading

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Lambda Literary: 2010 in Review: Dan Savage, and SCARS giveaway

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this post about Dan Savage. Dan Savage started the whole It Gets Better videos for lesbian/gay/bi/trans youth, in response to the queer teen suicides after homophobia and bullying. He started one of … Continue reading

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