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Funny comic – Apostrophe Man

I try not to get bugged when I see signs in the street that misuse punctuation…but it just grates on me. So I love this comic, Apostorphe Man. Check it out!

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Bronte Sisters Action Dolls

Watch this funny video about action dolls for the Bronte Sisters. I love how it educates kids or whoever’s watching that women can and did get published even in horribly misogynist times–all in an entertaining manner. I think I’d actually … Continue reading

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Funny video – how a writer imagined the publication process worked

Here’s a funny, enjoyable video about the way one writer imagined the publication process would go, from writing to getting an agent to getting a publisher–all a breeze, an easy dance. I do like the dancing. And the way the … Continue reading

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Funny yet wise video for writers – critique partners

If you write, it’s really important to be part of an honest but respectful critique group, or to have a critique partner. Critiques can help you polish your writing in a way that you couldn’t without an honest and experienced … Continue reading

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